Prados Moorestead

A young man interested in Cybernetics and helping others, whilst trying to avoid his own Destiny.



Along long time ago, In a galaxy far away…. on the planet Katarr, there was a young Miralukan couple who had just settled into a small secluded side of the planet away from all others. The couple had decided to move to safety for the sole purpose of raising a child away from all the danger and violence in the city life. Andrea Moorestead, even days away from entering labor, knew there was something wrong, but always kept it secret from her husband Valeck, who was overcome with excitement at the prospect of being a father.

Three days after settling into their beautiful new living space, Andrea went into labor. Upon giving birth to their son, Valeck, a telepath, sensed something strong but uncertain from the baby, yet he never gave it a second thought because he knew his son would one day grow into a great man who would make a difference in the world. Little did he know, his son would turn out to be a very capable Force user.

Five years later, on Prados’ fifth birthday, he blacked out. He woke to his father Valeck lying on the ground with bruises on his body, cracks in the wall near his father, and his mother crying over him.

“Mommy…Whats wrong?” Asked Prados, in his small innocent child’s voice.

He came to find out that he was the one who had done this to his father, but he still had no recollection of doing it, but his mother promised to help him control himself. She began to attempt training him in the ways of the Force, but not being a Force user herself, it left her with little to no knowledge on the subject, especially since all books pertaining to the Force and its users on the planet were seized by the Sith Lords and burned.

Through his years growing up, Prados found himself hurting more people with the Force… Bullies he ran into at the market, Strangers trying to steal, and anyone who really threatened or angered him enough to lose his stability. He did not like this at all, he vowed to never use the Force again if he could help it.

Years later at the age if 17, Prados began seeking a teacher, someone who could help him control his Force powers. It seemed like a lost cause he wasn’t able to find anyone to help him suppress his powers, all Force users either lied about being able to use the Force or refused to help him, but all of them were in hiding trying to avoid being captured by the Sith. He soon gave up on trying to use the Force again and began back on his healing and technological studies, of which he hadn’t really stopped since he was 12 years old.

In his travels, Prados had come to learn a lot about cybernetics and even found a way to construct his own cybernetic gills, which would allow him to breathe underwater. These cybernetic gills which were installed in the lower parts of his neck, also equipped with hoses for filtering any water that may pass through his mouth. This being his first time working with cybernetics he of course had some trial and error, causing scaring around the surgical areas. His next experiment would be to replace his right arm with a full cybernetic arm, although this operation being a bit trickier because he would need an assistant since he would be left with only one arm at the time.

While traveling planets training his abilities, Prados ran into a lone Sith with golden blonde hair not unlike his own. This Sith had two children shackled together walking ahead of him. Prados knew he had to help the children, he drew his heavy blaster pistol and shot directly at the Sith, barely nicking his face. The Sith stumbled backwards and tripped over a rock causing him to black out for a few seconds, just long enough for Prados to take the children away to safety. Although he was able to get the kids out of the way he was not able to get away himself, while trying to run away he suddenly felt a pressure around his throat and was then lifted off the ground. The Sith walked toward him angrily. Prados blacked out, and when he awoke the Sith was nowhere to be found, though there was lots of blood pooled around his, none of which was his own. He had no idea what had happened, he thought he was a goner for sure. He went on about his business, putting whatever it was that just happened behind him.

Prados continued traveling from planet to planet, learning more about his studies and even began on the road of earning a Medical License. One night while he was asleep he felt a very familiar force, He knew it was the Sith that he encountered before, but why was he there, was he searching for Prados? He heard the sound of women screaming and hurried out of hiding, but by the time he reached the screams it was too late, an entire village was slaughtered, though it was just the woman the men must have all been away working, and the children, they were all missing. Prados did manage to get a glimpse of the Sith ship as it was leaving. It was a pitch black that seemed to draw you in and it was covered in lights that looked like stars the farther it got away from him. The vessel was like nothing he’d ever seen before.

The men returned from their work some time later and found Prados gently laying the bodies of the women down lined up, and also covering them each with blankets. The men panicked and began to jump to the conclusion that Prados had killed their wives. They began charging at him and in a panic Prados shot out a wall of force power knocking all the men on the ground and he screamed “WAIT! STOP!” He explained that he didn’t do this, that it was a Sith who he had encountered before but thought to have been dead, he also pointed out the lightsaber wounds and that he did not own a lightsaber. He apologized to all the men and made an oath to find this Sith no matter what it takes and he would return the mens’ children and take vengeance on him. All the men from the small Village swore to follow his lead, and in a days time Prados was leading a small battalion of men, definitely not what he intended for himself, but it would be helping those in need, which is exactly what he was studying for.

Prados and his group of men had quickly earned a name for themselves, most people referred to them as the Sith Eaters, which lead to a tradition of all the men getting a tattoo on there wrist which read (SE). They received their name from all of there successful mission, they would take down small Sith camps near innocent villages on various planets, not everyone in the group was a force user but they were all very proficient with pistols and rifles. Prados had earned the title of Strategos, (a Greek term for Commander General) among his men but others who weren’t in the group referred to him as Commander General. Very few people outside of the group knew of his real name, he didn’t want anyone to know his true identity solely to protect his family back home. Also, it created a weakness for him if anyone would know.

Word got around to Prados that a black ship matching the description of the Sith vessel had been spotted on a small planet near him. There was also a Sith camp there that held captive children. He quickly rallied his men and they left for the planet which was only about a day away, when they landed on the planet sure enough Prados saw the same ship he saw before. It was unmistakable. The Sith Eaters stormed the camp, killing handfuls of Sith followers. They made it through the camp fairly easily, but they reached a room where there were three Sith Lords waiting for them, one of which was the golden haired sith who now had a scar reaching across from his left cheek over his nose, probably caused by Prados’ bullet. The doors slammed behind them trapping them all in the room, two dozen men versus 3 Sith lords… The Sith made quick work of Prados’ men but the golden haired Sith commanded the other two to leave and that he would handle Prados himself. The Sith beat him down without even lifting a finger, leaving Prados inches away from death. Then Prados blacked out again.

Prados woke up in the medical care of a Kel Dor he had never met before. His name was Loran Dinwen, a renowned Medical Doctor that travels planets healing the ill. He explained that he found him in a room full of dead men laying next to what was obviously the right arm of a Sith, because it was holding a light saber and had the black Sith robe around it, well, the sleeve anyway. Prados had no recollection of what happened after the Sith beat him to an inch of his life, he knew it was obvious he did something or he wouldn’t be alive right now, and to survive an encounter with that Sith twice without knowing what happened, either he had someone following him saving his life or he was doing something so extraordinary that it was wiping his memory of it all together. Prados stayed with the doctor until he was well enough to leave, he explained everything to the doctor and went on his way. The doctor told him to seek him out if he ever reached a point in his studies where he needed a teacher, but honestly how would Prados find a doctor that roams the galaxy healing people…

Prados Moorestead

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