Angela DeWitt, aka Angelica Vimes

Once an athlete training for the yearly Games on Ye Thuza, Angela's goals were rewritten by an encounter with Isolde Liu'thar. Now she seeks to restore the Order of Than and forge an alliance with the Jedi in order to end the Sith threat to the Galaxy.


5’6", 125 lbs, lithe, athletic build; 18 years old, Golden-tan skin, Grey eyes with slit pupils, and Shoulderlength grey-black feathers.

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Game 2

Angela got up that morning and went to the gym same as always, her insanely overprotective parents hovering in the background. The annual Yetheni Games wouldn’t be held for another six months, but Angela was more than just a hopeful contender. After last year’s near miss in the final rounds, Angela carried the hopes of her city with her into the arena.

The Yetheni were about their business as normal. There were no other species in sight, but then they needed special passes to access this part of the city anyway. Angela didn’t feel it was fair, but after studying her planet’s history, she understood their reluctance to trust outsiders. The Sith razing the planet had left scars she had seen for herself, 1500 years later.

Angela arrived at the training center early. The security guard came and let her in, but the gym wasn’t supposed to open for another hour. He yawned over his morning kaffa and waved her through the door. Naturally, none of the other hopeful athletes had arrived. Angela set her bag in her locker and began her warmup.

Angela continued her workout late into the night, long after the other athletes had finished their training. Finally, she decided to pack it in and headed for the showers. She let the hot water sluice over her sore and tired muscles. She heard a sound behind her and turned. A Yetheni woman had entered her shower stall. Instinctively, Angela reached for the stun gun she kept in her bag. Before she could yell for help, though, she found herself unable to breathe, as if an invisible force had her by the throat. She struggled as best she could, but after a few seconds stars filled her vision and everything went black.

When Angela woke, she was a different person. She could remember dreams from when she was unconscious, thoughts and memories that were not hers, and yet were. Memories from a life long ago jostled alongside memories from that morning. Her comm unit was buzzing. When she answered it, a medical support member asked her if everything was all right. Her heart had stopped for a minute, he said. Angela stared at the crumpled body of the strange woman in her stall, and told him that she had been assaulted, but that she was all right now.

After a once over from the medical staff, the police took her home. But Angela had no interest in remaining at home. Training for the games was no longer the end-all, be-all of her life. With the new memories had come a new ability that Angela had never known she possessed. She knew it was an ability to manipulate the Force, and her new knowledge meant that if she was discovered, she could be executed. She also knew that there was a way to defeat the Sith who had so badly wronged her people in the past, and even now threatened the Galaxy.

Angela packed a small bag and fled out her bedroom window, but it was not long before the police found her and brought her home. In her single-minded state, she had forgotten the tracking chip her parents had implanted in her leg many years ago, when she first became a candidate for training for the games. Thankfully, her attempt to run away was chalked up to her distress at being attacked.

The next morning, Angela left for the gym as always. Once she was far enough away from the house though, she dug the chip out of her leg and set off in a new direction as fast as her legs could carry. Using her new-found facility in the Force, she tracked down people she thought might be able to help her. The woman, who she somehow knew was called Isolde, had come here with companions, people who would be able to help her face the Sith.

Angela stood outside the door of a hotel room. Not a nice hotel, mind; in fact, it was about as far from nice as you could get. She took a deep breath, steeling herself, and knocked quickly on the door. A second later, she knocked again, faster. She was still a bit jumpy, worried that somebody had been able to find her. The door cracked open. The one she recognized as Sycris peered out of the door. She knew better than to try to force her way past him.

“Can you let me in?” she asked, then winced at the look of disapproval on his face. Quickly, she mentioned that she had come from Isolde, and had information for the group about the revelation she had been seeking. One, the Kel Dor named Faras, openly scoffed at the idea of revelation; he mocked that Isolde had died seeking it, and that was all there was to it. However, it was enough to convince Sycris to let her in. She scurried inside and across the room, to a corner as far from the door as she could get. She forced her emotions to calm before beginning her story.

She could tell that they didn’t really believe her, but they couldn’t deny that she now possessed knowledge that she wouldn’t if she hadn’t at least talked to Isolde, and she was able to tell them the circumstances of the woman’s death. The Kel Dor was still skeptical, maintaining that she could have murdered Isolde, but she was able to convince Sycris at least that her intention was not to cause them harm.

Harder than getting her foot in the door was convincing them to travel with her to the old Thanese temple outside of town. She had recognized it in her vision, and knew that it was where she needed to go if she sought the revelation Isolde had been trying to find. Faras and the droid, SHK, both believed that it was a wild goose chase, and they’d be better served remaining in the hotel room until it was time to deliver payment for their new identification papers.

In the middle of the debate, though, they were interrupted by the sound of a door being broken in down the hall. Warily, the group listened, straining their ears for some indication of what was happening. It became apparent almost immediately that it had nothing to do with her antics that morning, or with whatever shenanigans the ragtag group of companions had been up to. As the group breathed a collective sigh of relief, what was really happening three doors down registered, and Sycris tore out of the room, yelling “Oh, hell no!”

The group, after a few seconds, moved to assist him. He had already picked a fight with the thugs who had been assaulting a young woman, and Angela doubted that he could take on all four of them at once, especially as they were armed. Almost instinctively, she reached out with the Force and threw one of the thugs into another. They fell to the floor in a tangled heap, dazed and injured but not dead. The rest of the group had made short work of the ringleader, and as the others surrendered, Sycris said that they could leave.

Terror gripped Angela’s heart like an icy hand; Force using was an offense punishable by death, and there was no other explanation for what she had done. She moved to stop them from leaving, and they backed away from her warily, but cooler heads prevailed. As Faras put it, they were petty criminals, and couldn’t report her without risking arrest themselves. Angela wasn’t so sure; she was fairly certain that any charges against them would be dropped in exchange for testifying against a Force user, especially since their would-be victim was human. Still, cold-blooded murder went against the grain.

The woman, Kari Vox, went ballistic and attacked Sycris. He disarmed her, and the droid L-10 sedated her. Searching her, they found a medical id bracelet and several syringes full of a powerful street drug, Farish-red. Faras and SHK destroyed the drugs moments before L-10 informed them that she was probably taking them to help her deal with a degenerative disorder she had. Angela felt pity for the poor woman; according to L-10, between the disease and the treatments, she must have spent most of her life in pain. If only there was a way to alleviate or prevent this kind of suffering.

When Kari came to, she begrudgingly thanked the group for rescuing her; truth be told, Angela thought she’d be more grateful if they hadn’t destroyed her drugs. However, she agreed to forge day passes for Sycris and Angela so they could get out of the city to explore the temple. Faras and SHK elected to remain behind; between the two of them, they thought it was a waste of time, and felt they’d be better off waiting for their contact to come through with identification papers.

Angela, Kari, and Sycris departed the city with little incident. They were able to take a repulsor vehicle most of the way to the temple, and the two hour hike was a welcome respite from riding in the car all day. Once at the temple, they quickly learned how to avoid the giant spiders that now infested the place. All it took was for Sycris to touch the luminescent strands once, and have to fight one of the beasts, to realize they never wanted to do that again. Angela had to throw it into the ceiling several times to “squash” it, and the spider’s venom was certainly not fun to endure. Ruefully, Angela wished she had thought to bring L-10 with her, and resolved to learn more of the healing arts when she had time.

Angela felt a presence in the lower levels of the temple; whatever it was she came to find, was probably down there. Sycris ferried them through a hole in the floor with his jetpack. Downstairs, they saw that somebody, or something, had tried to take care of the place. Floors were swept, the spiders had not encroached as far. They followed the tunnel to a lit chamber. The Walls were lined with books, ancient tomes of the Than order. A lone figure stood in the room.

He seemed to recognize Angela, but how could that be possible? He addressed her as a friend, and it soon became apparent that he believed he was talking to Isolde. A Gen’dai, he had obviously lived for centuries. Angela explained to him as best she could what had happened in the showers, and that at least some part of her was Isolde. He remarked that Isolde must have attempted a dark side technique, one only to be used in the direst of circumstances for the preservation of the order, and that something must have gone wrong. He seemed a little confused, as he continued to address her on occasion as Isolde as he explained what had happened to the Order of Than.

The Revelation, Angela soon learned, was that it might be possible to revive the order, ally with the exiled Jedi, and drive the Sith back, restoring balance to the Galaxy. It was not the only path available, and for her it might be an arduous task, but without the combined power of both orders The Alliance’s attempts to resist the Empire would continue to consist of guerrilla tactics instead of fighting them on an even footing. The Alliance might be eventually successful, but it would take many years and great loss of life. This could be prevented if the Order of Than and the Jedi Order could be restored.

Regardless of the decision Angela made, The Gen’dai requested that one of them end his life. He had lived for several millenia, and was beginning to succumb to the psychosis that plagued his long-lived race. He wanted to die, preferably at the hands of one of his fellow Thanes, while he was still himself. If they refused, he could always do the deed himself, but that route was less honorable.

Angela took a few minutes to think about this. Restoring the order was a difficult task, and would doubtlessly endanger her life. However, she now felt it was important to end the Sith threat to the Galaxy, and that this was the best way to do so. Furthermore, the Order of Than had been treated most unjustly by the Yetheni elders in her estimation, as had non-Yetheni on the planet. Perhaps restoring the order would right more than one wrong.

Angela announced that she intended to reestablish the Order of Than and claimed Isolde’s former title of Thane for herself. Solemnly, the Gen’dai handed Angela his polearm, a weapon that Angela recognized as a Ruuklor, traditional weapon of the Order. “It is an honor,” she said. The Gen’dai nodded and replied, “It was the right decision.” Then she swung the weapon.

They stayed long enough to entomb the Gen’dai in one of the catacombs that was not completely blocked off before departing. Angela brought with her has many tomes as they could carry with them, so that she could study the Order and its teachings. She took one last look at the decrepit ruins, and swore that she would see it restored to its former glory, then turned and squared her shoulders. Her task would not be an easy one.

By the time they had returned, SHK and Faras had already returned from rendering payment for their identification papers. They managed to purchase a medkit for a bargain price—600 credits— that L-10 used to cure Angela of the poison. Angela was incredibly relieved that she didn’t have to go to a hospital, but she thought it wise to obtain an alternative identity for as long as she was a prominent runaway. Here, Sycris had a solution. He proposed that in exchange for her crafting Angela a set of papers, they arrange for Kari to be smuggled off planet. Kari, pretty clearly of the opinion that anyplace was better than where she was, leaped at the chance.

The group went to rendezvous with a Captain Hale, who had helped Sycris and the others escape from an Imperial ship. Hale had already agreed to take them off world when he left Ye Thuza, and was willing to negotiate to smuggle Kari out as well. They settled on 500 credits upfront, and Kari was to provide him with some of her technical and forging expertise in the future. As the group pooled their money to buy her passage, it became unnecessary; Faras’ contract, thoroughly impressed with the information he had provided in payment, came to make them a business offer. He would provide them with 2500 credits each and a top of the line ship, the value of which they would work off. He had a mind to expand his operations, and his dealings with Faras had led him to believe that they were people who could be trusted.

The group departed the planet on their own ship, and rendezvoused with Kari on Tatooine. There, Sycris offered her a berth on the ship. Wary at first, Kari wanted to know what the catch was. Sensing that she was not used to being helped because of the goodness in people’s hearts, Angela added that they wanted easy access to her technical, forging, and other skill sets. She would be expected to pull her weight as a member of the crew, and could not let her drug addiction interfere with their work.

Now that all the cards were on the table, Kari had no trouble accepting a berth with them. Angela was glad for it; the young woman had done her a good turn, and she wished to return the favor. Perhaps there were techniques in the Force that could help ease the young woman’s suffering that necessitated her dependence on narcotic agents, and if there weren’t, Angela was certain that there were medical techniques that would be able to help Kari without hurting her. After her own experience at the temple, Angela was becoming more and more interested in learning the healing arts herself.

They resupplied as best they could as they waited for information on their ride to Bastion. When Faras told them it was time, Angela was ready to go. She had heard rumors that some Jedi had retreated to that planet, and she hoped that this would offer her the opportunity to begin her work. She spent most of the trip meditating and studying in her room, or practicing with the ancient weapon the Gen’dai had given her. She had not buried it with him, instead taking it as proof of her pledge and her position as Thane of the Order. Bastion was the next step on her path, and she wondered where it might lead.

Game 3

Several months passed after they arrived on Bastion. Each member of the group had their own goals, but as a whole they seemed to lack common cause. They did small jobs for Sampreg, working to pay off their ship, and each pursued their own business. They did use the ship as general living space as well as transportation; after all, why pay rent if you’re already paying to dock your ship?

Angela’s brilliant idea to find Jedi hiding on Bastion bore little fruit. If there were any Jedi there, they were better at hiding than she was at finding them. She did encounter several untrained Force Sensitives, one of them being a Miralukan medic named Prados. In exchange for a berth aboard the ship, he agreed to train Angela in medical techniques, so at least she could meet her goal of learning how to put herself back together. Perhaps in the future he’d be willing to join her Force tradition, becoming a Thanite and her first recruit. However, given the precarious position they all were in, she decided it would be best to wait on the sales pitch.

One day, Angela decided to go out for a quick walk after her morning meditation and workout. She paused outside the ship; several official-looking gentleman were waiting in the hangar. “Miss Angelica Vimes?” one asked her, in a manner that clearly suggested he didn’t believe that was her real name. Crap, have I been found already? Has Ye Thuza been in contact? Warily, she confirmed what they already knew—after all, she hadn’t seen another Yetheni in all the time they’d been there.

Her heart almost stopped when they mentioned that her presence—and the presence of everybody on the crew, in fact—was requested by a magistrate. Well, this is just great, she thought. I can think of a dozen reasons for them to want any one of us, so who’s in trouble? My money’s on Kari…

She set about the unenviable task of waking the rest of the crew. Faras in particular objected to being woken up, ever; but nobody was particularly pleased with her news. There was much grumbling and muttering and gnashing of teeth as they wandered out to the transports.

It was indeed something to do with Kari. The girl had fantastic criminal and hacking skills, which should have ensured that she would get away with her crimes as she had in the past; however, lady luck was clearly not on the little scoundrel’s side today. First, her target was an undercover cop, and the hotel room under surveillance. Second, said room was in a hotel that just happened to be hosting the Imperial Princess, whose personal guard noticed the disturbance and thought it might be a threat to their charge. Finally, when she managed to hack her way to freedom by turning the security droids on the police, one of the uglier side affects of her illness set in, and they found her, crippled by pain, about one meter from the exit. Even the Magistrate was impressed by her skills, suggesting that if she cleaned up her act, there might be work for her checking their obviously woefully out of date security systems.

The Magistrate had an offer to make them; if they took care of a job for him, one he naturally could not accomplish through legitimate means, they would not only be paid handsomely but all charges against Kari would be dropped. Faras engaged in negotiations on their behalf, but apparently didn’t feel like pushing their luck. He insisted that Kari not be released to their custody until after the job had been completed, a move Angela wasn’t sure was wise—Kari’s skills could be invaluable to the upcoming mission. However, it was obvious that Kari’s drug problem was out of control, and Angela wasn’t sure that she and Sycris could keep Kari in check.

It also didn’t help that several members of the crew were severely upset by what Kari’s escapade had wrought, though Angela was certain that none of them would have minded—in fact, would have congratulated her—if ill luck had not kept her from succeeding. Regardless, they were committed now. Faras and SHK took care of some quick shopping for the operation, while L-10 and Prados dug around in the computers, trying to get the information they needed. Sycris went to check out the initial venue, a club called the Dublin Pleasure Den.

It quickly came to light that their target, Brena Namear, seemed to have an unusual interest in a Water Treatment Plant. Since nobody willingly enters one of those, and most of the work of the plant was done by automatons, it seemed that it was here that the Sith had likely set up a long-range communication device.

Angela DeWitt, aka Angelica Vimes

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