Ye Thuza

Newplanet 2369361b


Region: Outer Rim
Sector: Herios
System: K817
Suns: Tor



Grid Coordinates: T-15
Distance from Core: 43,200 light years
Rotation Period: 26 standard hours
Orbital Period: 318 days


Class: Terrestrial
Diameter: 12,100 km
Atmosphere: Type 1
Climate: 1 tropical band, 2 temperate bands, and 2 arctic bands (due to 0 tilt axis)
Gravity: Standard
Surface Water: 23%


Native Species:


Immigrated Species: None
Primary Languages: Basic, Thenese
Government: Council of eleven elders rule the planet.
Population: 860,000

95% Yetheni, 5% offworld visitors confined to certain areas

Major Cities:

Erillos (Primary Spaceport)

Major Exports: Minerals, Bacta, Antivenoms.


Infinite Empire

Ye Thuza did not come to the attention of the Rakata until the declining years of their Empire. The core of the planet was liquid, like many worlds. However, it was not composed of the typical iron mixture. Instead, a previously unidentified liquid crystal coursed through the inner structure of the planet. The Rakata’s Force technology was able to stabilize this over a period in order to create crystals containing incredible energy. They drastically altered the planet in order to facilitate this infusion process. It was due to this interference that the planet has no lean to its axis.

However, the Rakata occupation would only last two centuries. Already suffering from the plague that was rapidly depriving their kind of the ability to use the Force, the Rakata abandoned the planet. The Yetheni were left to their own devices. Prior to the occupation, the race had been loose tribes of hunter-gatherers. The Rakata, requiring Force sensitive slaves to work in the factories, had drastically altered the indigenous people. Now they were both intelligent and blessed with an extraordinary number of Force adepts. However, this same tampering left them warlike and unable to leave the planet; their own genetic code prevented them from learning or developing interstellar technology. The Rakata had intended for the world to remain forever isolated.

The Yetheni went through a period of battles to near extinction for thousands of years. Their planetary conflicts would typically last until there were simply not enough of them left to find each other. The clans would rebuild and the re-initiate the struggle. It was not until around the year 20,000 that this situation changed. A warlord named Diathus Gorath, attempting to expand his mental powers using Rakatan technology, accidentally cleansed his mind of most of the aggression-response that had been bred into his people. Able to see the folly of their nature for the first time, he set about remedying the situation. He began by using the machine on his own clan, and then slowly expanded from there. Though it would take centuries, the Yetheni were finally freed from the self destructive curse that had afflicted them for so long.

Old Republic

It was around the year 22,000 when the Yetheni were discovered by scouts from the Republic. Eventually trade relations were established though the Yetheni remained extremely wary of allowing outsiders access to their system (much less their planet). The Republic diplomat overseeing the meeting agreed to place severe restrictions on knowledge of the planet’s coordinates in exchange for exorbitant personal favors. This kept Ye Thuza from the attention of the Republic at large for a long time.

While the Yetheni were able to avoid the conflict of the Mandalorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War, the galaxy spanning conflicts showed them the need for an organized resistance to a Force-using enemy. It was during these years that the Order of Than was established. It was a militant sect of neutral Force users that concentrated on the Force solely as a military tool. The order certainly practiced esoteric arts, but even these were all focused on honing the race’s combat ability.

Unfortunately, even the Order of Than’s strict focus proved unprepared for the return of the Sith. After the sacking of Coruscant, Ye Thuza came under attack from the Empire. Though their forces managed to repel the invasion, their losses were high enough that the elders feared what would happen in the future. They sought an alliance with the Jedi Order. Initially, the Jedi refused, citing concerns over the Yetheni’s “grey” Force use. However, as the Jedi’s casualties mounted, their position wavered. Finally, Master Satele Shan agreed to the Yetheni’s offer. She dispatched Jedi Knight Tarence Invid and his padawan, Addison Malgrave, to confirm the nature of the Yetheni’s gift to the Order.

The Sith uncovered the operation and intervened, killing Tarence. Addison was able to return to Shan carrying two of the crystals as proof of the Yetheni’s good intentions. The Jedi training vessel Kalnor moved to finalize the alliance. However, the Sith had turned the Order of Than by abducting several of its elders. The Kalnor was sabotaged and the Jedi alliance with it. The Order’s prisoners managed to kill themselves before they could be used to further hurt the Order’s interest but now the Sith knew of the planet.

The Sith attacked again with a staggering fleet. This time, Yetheni forces were bolstered by intelligence from a new ally. A diplomatic retrinue of Voss appeared hours before the attack and forewarned the planet. With Voss future-sight guiding them, the Yetheni managed to hold off the Sith incursion. However, Darth Veneroth, enraged at the opposition, ordered an orbital bombardment. In response, the Yetheni utilized an ancient Rakatan superweapon. Though the Sith assault and the superweapon itself ravaged the planet, the entirety of the surrounding Sith fleet was destroyed. When the Sith Empire was finally beaten, Ye Thuza once more faded into obscurity.

Shortly after the invasion, Yetheni culture concerning Force use changed dramatically. The devastation wrought on the world due to the Sith incursion (blamed by many on the Order of Than’s presence) led the elders to dismantle the Order. Its remaining members were allowed to move off-world if they liked. Otherwise, they were banned from Force use, particularly training. The Order’s ancient fortresses were sealed and abandoned. Despite these measures, many still viewed the ancient sect with a degree of awe. Even the government continued to observe a yearly holiday celebrating the martial achievements of the Thanites.


Ye Thuza was not discovered by Emperor Palpatine and remained out of Republic affairs until the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. The planet’s powerful Force strength drew the strange invaders. Unwilling to risk a prolonged conflict to seize the planet, they turned their demented terraforming weapons lose on the planet and left the system. In the Yuzzhan Vong’s eyes, the populace would be dead within weeks. They underestimated the resolve of the Yetheni.

Three months later, the Yetheni entered the war against the Vong alongside the Republic. While the location of their homeworld remained secret, their military prowess quickly spread through the populace. “He fought like a Yetheni,” became a phrase describing anyone showing particular prowess in combat. When the Vong finally surrendered, the Yetheni returned home.

The battle between Emperor Roan Fel and the Galacic Alliance did not concern the council of elders, and the Yetheni remained neutral. When Darth Krayt and the Sith appeared, the council was deadlocked on how to proceed. Bearing a powerful hatred for the evil dark-siders, some wanted to enter the war. Others cited the still dead regions of the planet’s surface from the last Sith incursion. In the end, they did nothing…and Emperor Krayt took the galaxy. Now, the Yetheni are desperate to keep the Sith from learning the location of their world, even going so far as to hire assassins and slicers to ensure the location of their world is kept secret.

Ye Thuza

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