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  • Kari Vox

    Kari was born to traders on the planet Ye Thuza; her parents ended up making more than one delivery during the trip. Kari's bad luck started immediately. Born with "Quannot's Syndrome":http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Quannot%27s_Syndrome, she was placed …

  • L-10

    L-10's history is largely unknown. However, it is prone to changing its chassis on a regular basis. During the brief stay on Tattooine, it once again indulged in this behavior, adopting a somewhat more stylish body than it had previously inhabited.

  • Captain Lynn Rellos

    The party doesn't know much about the Captain other than her firmly held commitment to Imperial law. She commans the Ironstar, and it is in that capacity that the companions first encountered her. During their brief meeting, she saved Sycris from …

  • Belloc Ki

    This giant of a man plays an unusual role aboard the Ironstar. He guards the vessel's captain against internal threats, primarily against the possibility of Sith assassination. While it might seem unusual to have a non-Force using individual in such a …

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