Sabers of Embiss

A matching pair of deep purple lightsabers, these weapons are deadly to force spirits.

weapon (melee)


Size Cost Damage Weight Type Availability
Medium N/A 2d8 1 kg Slashing and Energy Unique


Bane of the Fallen: If the bearer makes a successful attack roll against a force spirit with one of these weapons, he or she makes a Use the Force check as a reaction. If this check beats the target’s Will Defense, then the spirit is destroyed. IF the spirit has twice the heroic levels of the bearer, then it may reappear thirty days later at the permanent cost of half (round up) of its Force Point total. Thus being defeated a second time by these weapons means final death for any apparition.

Malgrave Attunement: The crystals of Embiss (not the lightsaber hilts themselves) share a Force bond with Addison Malgrave. If she is alive or continuing her existence as a Force spirit, anyone using the crystals without her consent suffers a -5 circumstance penalty on any check with them. Furthermore, the thief may not spend Force points for any reason while carrying the crystals. This trait is immediately known to a potential rogue, and thus someone may not be tricked into taking the crystals in order to stymie his or her use of Force points.


Sabers of Embiss

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