A two-handed polearm, this weapon was adopted by the Order of Than much as the lightsaber was adopted by the Jedi.

weapon (melee)


Size Cost Damage Stun Damage Weight Type Availability
Large 4,000 2d6/2d6 Yes 3 kg. Slashing and Energy Rare

The Ruuklor was created by the Order of Than to answer the threat of a lightsaber-wielding Sith. Due to its cortosis weave, such weapons do not ignore the DR of a Ruuklor. It may be set to deal stun damage as a swift action. In addition, if the wielder spends a Force Point to attune the weapon, it can be used with the Deflect and Block talents, and with any talents that require them as a prerequisite.

The Ruuklor is a double weapon. You can attack with both ends of the weapon as a full-round action, but both attack rolls take a -10 penalty (although certain feats and talents can reduce those penalties).

The head of the Ruuklor is magnetically charged, which means a proficient wielder can make it accelerate toward the weapons and armor of any enemy. Such a wielder takes no penalties when using the Rapid Strike feat.

The Ruuklor requires two energy cells to operate.



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