Arbiter Mark 0

An intimidating suit of bio-mechanical armor created by Dr. Torus Vall.


Section 8 character shot

Size Cost Armor Bonus to Ref Defense Equip Bonus to Fort Defense Speed Weight Availability
Medium N/A +8 +2 4 18 kg Unique


Hunter-Seeker Missiles: Any time AO fires a built-in missile, the missile will continue to make one attack roll each round until it hits. However, AO may not fire any additional missiles with this property while one is still tracking.

Penetrate Hull: Whenever the armor’s vibroblade is used to deal damage to a ship hull, or any wall or door, it automatically scores maximum damage.

Phrik Alloy: Lightsabers do not ignore the DR of this armor. Also, the wearer keeps any personal DR he would normally possess against such weapons.

Mandalorian Adaptation The Arbiter has 6 unused upgrade slots available.

Sith Alchemical Bonding: This armor grants DR 2 energy to the wearer. In addition, once per encounter when the wearer is struck by a critical hit, he may turn the strike into a normal hit. However, this armor is tainted and the wearer always functions as if his or her Dark Side Score was one higher than normal. This effect does not actually corrupt the wearer but may make him vulnerable to effects he would otherwise be immune to.

Snaring Assault: If AO grapples or tips an enemy with its grappling gun, it may make an immediate free attack against that enemy with its heavy repeating blaster.

Built-In Gear

Comlink Jammer: As a standard action, AO can jam all comlinks (including encrypted ones) within 12 squares until the end of its next turn. This also disables the armor’s comm unit.

Droid Brain: Affectionately known as “AO,” by Kari, this is the processor unit of an EB22 Assassin Droid. The droid can utilize any of the armor’s purely electronic features at will. It requires an assisting wearer in order to utilize more active functions (i.e. most weapon systems).

Helmet Package: +2 equipment bonus on Perception checks and provides low-light vision.

Jet Pack: This takes a swift action to activate and grants a fly speed of 6 until the end of your turn. It has 10 charges but may be run continuously without additional swift actions. This pack can lift up to 180 kg. It requires a DC 20 Pilot check to land after moving more than 12 squares in any round; on a failure you fall prone. During any round in which the jet pack has been used, the suit’s flamethrower may also be used without expending its own ammo.

Life Support: The armor has 10 hours of life support. Bear in mind that this does not protect against extreme temperatures or vacuum.

Built-In Weapons

Flamethower: Ammo: 4; + 3 hit, 3d6 + 1 damage (6 × 6 cone). If the roll to hit exceeds the target’s Fortitude Defense, the target catches on fire, taking 2d6 on the second round and 1d6 damage on the final round. The duration of this effect can be extended by additional hits but the damage remains static.

Grappling Gun: Ammo: 2; + 3 hit. This device can be used to grapple or trip at range (by AO or its wearer), slow a fall, or catch someone who is falling. Each spool has 100 meters of polyfilament cord attached to a magnetic grappling claw.

Heavy Repeating Blaster: Ammo: 25; + 3 hit; 3d10+1 damage (normal or stun).

Missile Launcher: Ammo: 4; + 3 hit; 6d6+2 damage; 2 square radius.

Needle Gun: Ammo: 6; +3 hit; Poison. This weapon comes pre-loaded with paralytic poison (page 255 of the core rulebook).

Vibroblade: + 3 hit; 2d6 damage.


Arbiter Mark 0

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