Sycris Malgrave

Strong in the Force, the vengeance in his heart disappointed the Jedi. He expanded his martial prowess as a Balmorran Resistance fighter, and with the assistance of his sister he now grows stronger in the Force.


Sycris Malgrave
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Sycris Malgrave, age 21, had devoted 5 years of his life in the Paramilitary resistance movement on Balmorra. Before that period, he was trained with his sister, Addison Malgrave, by both of their parents in the ways of the Force. Unfortunately, Coruscant was sacked and the Republic temporarily lost control to the Sith Empire, and their training came to a halt.

Throughout the time of the Galactic War, the Malgraves became prime targets for the Sith; both powerful Jedi, the Malgraves had on many occasions slain Force-using Sith and gained unwanted attention, and they were eventually assassinated on orders from the Empire.

Grief-struck, Sycris could not let go of the vengeance that burned in his heart. Though the Jedi certainly tried to help Sycris in their own way, ultimately, it was to no avail. Sycris was set in his course for justice for his parents.

At a young age he was sent back to Balmorra, this time to live with his uncle, who had become part of the resistance after the Republic had moved the troops off-world due to the war. Balmorrans had to fend for themselves against the Sith, who wanted control of the operations that produced the best weapons and droids in the Outer Rim, if not the Galaxy.

While Sycris proved to be an exceptional soldier and played a minor leadership role in the paramilitary, he also maintained contact with his sister, Addison. She was learning much on Tython, and more importantly, for now, she was safe.

During one operation, a Balmorran scientist, Dr. Torus Vall, was on the verge of being “interrogated” by Sith inquisitors; however, the intervention of Sycris and his unit saved the scientist from that fate. Grateful for the heroics that led to his salvation, Torus Vall thanked Sycris by finishing the suit of armor the Sith had been forcing him to develop. Named the Arbiter Mark 0, the armor would be the only one of its kind, since Vall erased all records of its specifications. Though Sycris felt such a gesture was unnecessary, he accepted the gift as a welcome tool in his battle against the Empire.

Donning the Arbiter, Sycris continued in his duties as a Balmorran resistance fighter. Though he was asked on several occasions to take on a larger role, he declined. The hatred that gnawed at Sycris would not be sated in the back ranks. He continued to lead small cadres of troops in, often, devastating raids against Sith forces.

During one such mission, Sycris made a command decision to take his unit to retrieve hard data from a factory for cybernetic organism research and weaponry. Given the heavy weapons located in the facility, it was a risky endeavor. The young soldier’s luck finally failed him. Though the data was retrieved during the incursion, the east wing of the building collapsed with Sycris and most of his unit still in it.

Torus Vall once more came to Sycris’ aid. In an emergency procedure, he managed to save Sycris’ life by means of cybernetic reconstruction. As fate (or the Force) would have it, some of the test data retrieved from the facility was used on Sycris during the procedure.

Eventually, the Republic managed to retake certain parts of the war-torn land of Balmorra, but the Empire still claimed much of it. Sycris eventually found he had to leave his home world…but would he return? That, even he didn’t know. He set his sights on Ord Mantell after finding a decent ship for himself. He managed to tell Addison, at least, of his future whereabouts.

On Ord Mantell, Sycris managed to find quite a lot of work due to the volatile political situation. Many people there were interested in a hired gun. At first, Sycris worked with other mercenaries to bring supplies in and attack separatist strongholds for the Republic military. After one mission, a strike on Separatist-occupied Drelliad, Sycris had a meeting with the governor of the region, Inara Vellien. Impressed with Sycris’ work, Inara made him an offer of a lucrative post as her chief of security and personal bodyguard. Inara had received several death threats from the Separatists, but the Republic would not supply her with security because their forces were stretched thin as it was.

The first few months on the job proved uneventful, until one night when the governor was returning late from a meeting with Republic generals in the area. Upon entering her apartments, Sycris immediately sensed that all was not right. Reaching out with the Force, he felt a malevolent presence in the room ahead of him. He shoved the governor behind him, into the arms of his security personnel, and moved to engage.

The battle was short and intense; at the end of it, Sycris stood over the unconscious body of a Sith assassin; however, before he could strike the killing blow, Inara interceded. The assassin’s name was unknown, but he had barely escaped capture after the assassination of key Republic personnel and was suspected of the sabotage of several key communications and weapon depots, earning him the nick name, The Saboteur. Both the Mantellian government and the Republic military had placed bounties for his capture, dead or preferably alive.

In exchange, Inara introduced Sycris to her contacts in the Bounty Hunters’ Guild. Sycris found two benefits to his new position as a bounty hunter: the job was fairly lucrative, allowing him to maintain his armor and weapons, and it allowed him to travel around the galaxy, gathering information that he could use to hunt down Sith. The fact that many bounties he collected happened to be Sith spies, assassins, or military figures was an added bonus.

During all of this, Sycris kept in touch with his sister. Addison continued to advance in the ways of the Force; however, the work of her and her master garnered unwanted Imperial attention. After the second attempt on her life, Addison contacted her brother with a proposition. She was about to embark on a diplomatic mission to an uncharted planet, and she wanted him to come along and serve as her personal bodyguard. Sycris, who had already learned of the attempts on his sister’s life, had been about to “suggest” the same thing.

Together, the two joined the crew of the Kalnar for the journey to Ye Thuza. The voyage was uneventful, until Sith saboteurs struck the ship. Sycris, Addison, and the Yetheni envoy engaged in a pitched battle within the halls of the ship, and seemed to be winning, until an engineer informed them that the ship’s reactor core was about to fail. Sycris hurried his sister into a cryosleep tube, making sure she was sealed in before seeking refuge himself. The last thing he remembered was the hiss of gas in his tube and the flash of light as radiation flooded the room.

Game 1

He woke from what felt like a long sleep…where the hell was he, anyhow? In any case, his vision was blurred as he looked out of his tank through a small window. He was being held in an upright position and he saw a figure there—he was an ugly bastard, and when he started to approach Sycris, he felt for his sidearm. How the hell did he know that was there? Instincts, he guessed. Once the tank opened, he removed the mask from his face and held the alien at gunpoint. Some questions later, it appeared that the Kel Dor was in the same boat he was in. The Kel Dor also appeared rather calm, considering someone he didn’t know was aiming a gun at his face.

Climbing out of the tank, Sycris looked around. He understood what many things were, but nothing about who he was or what he was doing there was coming to him. The Kel Dor started assisting other people out of the tanks. Sycris, of course, was wary of everyone there. It seemed that these poor folks were all in the same damn position as well. After speaking just a few minutes with one another, it became apparent that they all suffered memory loss; no one could recall any events before this awakening.

Sycris kept his eye on everyone around him, and though he sheathed his pistol not far after his little chat with the Kel Dor, he kept his hand ready to draw it again. A young woman with purple hair caught his attention; something about her felt strange. There was also another woman, who looked slightly older and seemed a bit odd to him. She had feathered hair, and she couldn’t speak, although it seemed that she wanted to. Sycris began to feel the Force come out from the silent one, as if to detect his presence in the Force. Sycris instinctively hid from her, successfully, but now he was even more cautious.

The droid, L-10 according to the Kel Dor, mentioned we had been in cryostasis for the past 1736 years. Obviously, either the droid has malfunctioned or the Kel Dor is lying. Even though struck with disbelief, the the droid explained more on how it kept the group alive for so many years. But how could that be?…Even so, Sycris really didn’t know who he truly was.

The group slowly began to converse with one another: looking over things, discussing theories, wondering if they were on an actual ship or a station. Eventually Sycris came across a lightsaber hilt. For some reason he couldn’t explain, he looked at the purple haired girl and told her, “this is yours.” She accepted it, but he pondered his certainty that the weapon had been hers. And yet he was right; the woman indeed had another that could have been its twin.

The Kel Dor, after exploring the room, told Sycris and the rest of them that they were most probably on a crashed ship. They needed to restore energy to the ship. According to the droid unit L-10, they needed to go to a level the droid could not reach, at least not before the power was restored. Thankfully, the Kel Dor seemed to understand the droid—Sycris sure as hell didn’t.

The Kel Dor explained that someone would have to assist with getting the power back and that there could be a risk of exposure to radiation. Finally, Sycris decided to take the chance, and went down to the generator level to restore energy to the main systems. The group accompanied him down to the lower level, where they came to a stop to a closed door. The woman with feathered hair stopped the group with a cautious expression. She mentioned that there were dark force ghosts beyond that point, and to be aware that they could possibly hurt them. Sycris, struck with disbelief, said, “Ghosts? Really?”

The group proceeded with caution, and reached the central generator. Sycris’ operation went off without a hitch, and power was restored; however, the feathered one apparently felt a dark side aura in the force as she reached out her senses. Sycris became aware of them as well when he reached out to find their locations. If some of them were somehow on the same vessel and alive, not some “ghost,” it would be a privilege to take their lives from them.

The group met with L-10 on the level where they were awakened. After a few moments, the droid frantically let out beeps and whistles that Sycris couldn’t comprehend, but the Kel Dor calmly said, “That’s interesting.” He explained that an emergency beacon had been triggered from the bridge.

Sycris instantly reached out with the Force, noticing that the purple-haired girl and the other woman were focusing in the same manner. Sycris sensed a dark presence above them, and with L-10s assistance they knew that the dark presence had to have sent it…but how could a “ghost” send out a beacon? Sycris asked himself. The group felt it was important to stop the ghost immediately.

Making haste to the bridge, the group encountered one of the force ghosts. Somehow, it managed to animate suits of armor that fought to protect it. Sycris, full of desire to kill and finish off the damn thing, charged into the fray with the rest of the group. Oddly enough, his attacks didn’t hurt the ghost at all; however, he wasn’t really surprise and he turned his attention to the animated armor defending it. The purple haired woman charged into combat to protect Sycris, slashing with her purple bladed weapons. The ghost dodged away from her attack. Perhaps it was because of the battle, but something swelled in Sycris, a strange feeling that grew as he watched this woman fighting alongside him. The ghost managed to give the group a difficult time, and the purple haired girl was struck hard. Sycris felt something in him flinch; he wanted to protect her, but no protection was needed, for the woman returned the favor with her own attack in an upward slash. Thankfully, she had the ability to harm the ghost, and it dissipated immediately.

Feeling a large flood of emotions take over him as he stood there, eyes turned toward this woman, the bond he had with her growing, and in seconds he realized he loved her, and he ran to her, embracing her, calling out “Addy.” Holding her tightly, he began to remember everything before the cryosleep. He took a step back, and he noticed her expression changing as she too started to remember. She called out to him: “Brother!” They all started looking towards one another, but the moment passed, and the group knew they had to keep moving forward and stop the ghost on the bridge.

After reaching the bridge, Sycris noticed a stronger force ghost near the terminal. Sycris saw a smug look on the bastard’s face. Sycris charged it immediately, but that didn’t matter. This creature was far more powerful, and Sycris was made to kneel before the ghost against his will. Struggling with all he had, the ghost had a grasp on his mind that was too strong for him to break, and when he tried to stand and fight…he couldn’t.

Hearing a conversation take place between the ghost and the feather haired woman, Sycris understood her to be a traitor! He wanted nothing more than to wrap his hands around both of their necks. Sycris’ sister, however, had a different outcome in mind. Addison handed over one, then the other of her lightsabers to the one who had betrayed them all! What the hell was she thinking! The feather haired woman walked calmly over near Sycris; he couldn’t get up to defend himself from the bitch about to kill him. Then, by surprise, in one quick motion the woman activated the purple bladed lightsabers and in a flash stabbed them into the ghost, causing it to dissipate instantly.

Though the grip on Sycris’ mind was gone, he remained stunned for a moment as his memories played again in his head, trying to figure out why this woman would betray them to the Sith, and yet kill the Darth who set this in motion.

The woman went on to explain that the Sith had learned of her Order’s agreement with the Jedi and had kidnapped the Order’s elders. If she wanted to save their lives, she would have to sabotage the ship for them. Now, though, her elders were long gone, and the Sith’s hold over her was gone as well.

Sycris thought about this for a moment. While not certain he could trust her, it was true that she had saved their lives with her actions, and he understood why she had betrayed them to begin with.

The group knew that they had to deal with one more force ghost, but they found this one outside, apparently unaware that he had been discovered. Perhaps the fool was waiting for the transport. Either way, Addison wasted no time in making a swift, lethal attack on the ghost.

The Kel Dor appeared to regain his memory after the last ghost fell, but maybe that wasn’t such a great thing. The Kel Dor looked towards the Feather Haired girl, who recently introduced herself as Isolde, and asked for his money. She was a bit surprised by the request, as were Sycris and Addison. However, he asked again and Isolde handed the Kel Dor a credit chip.

Sycris was stunned by what he was seeing—a transaction of blood money for their heads! Sycris almost shot the Kel Dor where he stood, but instead managed to keep his temper in check. The Kel Dor kept his cool about the matter, and told everyone that it was just business and not personal. Not that it really helped to hear the Kel Dor say that,but Sycris backed off a bit, remembering how the Kel Dor had warned them to get into the cryosleep tubes, saving them from the radiation. Even so, he really didn’t have a reason to trust any of his new companions, and truly would have to make sure Addison would be safe as well.

Just a few moments passed before Sycris noticed a small ship arrive. Who was it though? Was it more Sith? Sycris readied his weapon, completely unaware of who may present themselves next. By surprise, a droid answered the beacon; it called itself SHK. Sycris assisted his sister and the group gathered onto the ship. Not far after, they were updated by SHK, who explained that they did indeed sleep for 1,736 years. Sycris had to really breath deep. It was a lot to take in, and learning that the Empire was now the ruling government was distressing.

Pondering on the trip as to what he was going to do now, he realized that everything he fought for was long ago, everyone he knew. But at least he had Addison—the only family he had left—with him, and that was a lot. But who could he trust now? Sycris hated the Sith and now with them in control…how could this have happened? Sycris had his answers from the data received from SHK’s terminal, over 8 hours of updates.

After arriving on Tatooine, Isolde was explaining to the others that she had the gift of far-sight granted by the force. Even with his small amount of trianing, Sycris knew Isolde was a powerful force user, and she was much more advanced in the training than his sister. Sycris searched his feelings, more than he had done so ever before, and found that his sister and the Force were all that he could truly rely on. And as his feelings didn’t feel bothered by Isolde’s words, perhaps they were true.

Sycris began to start thinking practically. According to the information they had gathered on the ship, Addison could not walk around in the attire she was wearing: the Jedi had all been wiped out.They did find a rumor that said the only jedi that remained were on a planet called Bastion. He knew he needed credits, food, and a place to start…but where to get these?

Isolde told the group of their options.They had discussed going to Bastion or Coruscant, but she mentioned a third—her home world, Ye Thuza. She mentioned that she would receive a “revelation” on Ye Thuza. The Kel Dor, who introduced himself on the ship to Tatooine as Faras Qel, wasn’t comfortable with the notion of going there. He gathered what information he could and set up a meeting to arrange a ride off planet to Bastion.

To Sycris’ surprise, Faras was offered a more comfortable position in the flight to Bastion, but refused it and asked for all the members to receive the same treatment in flight. Sycris honestly wasn’t expecting such a gesture form him, but even then Faras supported the group with goods of clothing, food and transport on Tatooine. Granted, it was all paid with the blood money he had received to kill them, but Faras didn’t ditch the group the first chance he had. Perhaps, then, this was his way of making up for it? Maybe not. Sycris felt he could only trust those who had proven themselves, but it was a step in the right direction for Faras. However, Sycris wasn’t sure if these gestures were, in some ways, ass saving future benefits to the Kel Dor.

The group, except for Faras, had decided to trust in Isolde’s decision to go to Ye Thuza; on the trip Isolde told them what she remembered of her planet, though she obviously didn’t know how things might have changed.

Game 2

While en route to Ye Thuza, the ship they were on was pulled out of hyperspace by a gravity mine field. The Imperial ship, Ironstar made contact with the group, demanding that the ship lower its security or else.
Sycris was annoyed by it all, but realized there was really no other option. SHK then lowered the defenses, and the Imperial ship began to tractor them in.

After quarantine, Sycris was placed in his own cell. While waiting, he had to listen to an inmate singing out of tune the entire time. Sycris thought that was the least of his concerns, however; there was a Sith on board, accompanied by two droid dogs, who had greeted him earlier, and he had the feeling this asshole and his pets would be back soon for a little chat. After Sycris used the Force and managed to release the binders, he maintained having them on him, in order to appear as though he was still bound. Unfortunately, not far afterward, Sycris’ prediction proved correct—he was paid a visit by the scumbag, Veleth.

Sycris knew the truth was absurd, so he figured he’d tell him that instead of a lie. The truth would probably just piss him off even more. Veleth, who had no time for this, unleashed a dose of Force Lightning at Sycris, making him lose his composure; he screamed for a moment from the pain. But through sheer determination, Sycris spat at him and laughed, even though he knew he was at the mercy of this coward.

Veleth, nostrils flaring, raised his hands again to torture and burn his flesh, but before the Sith could do so an attractive woman called out to him and told him to stand down. She was accompanied by a large man who definitely seemed as though he could crush a rock in his bare hand. Veleth shot a scalding glance at this woman who had intervened. Sycris used this opportunity for his own benefit, and with a deliberate mocking laugh towards Veleth, fueled his rage even further. Would the emo bastard take the bait and lash out at the woman protected by the big guy? By Sycris’ estimation, Mr. Big Guy would crush Veleth, even if he was a force user. Besides, he was just a pesky apprentice, after all.

She introduced herself as Captain Lynn Rellos. Sycris thought about telling her “Too bad you’re an Imperial, otherwise I’d ask you to lunch,” but thought better of it seeing the “thing” next to her. After some chatting, the ship sounded alarms, the Captain held her comm to her ear and started giving out orders, and not long after she ordered that the prisoners be brought out of the cells and placed in a safer custody. Apparently, there was a massive explosion that would cause coolant to flood the rooms, and people had to get out ASAP.

At first it appeared that the guard was going to leave Sycris there, but he pleaded with him, and the guard was persuaded to open the cell door. The group was making their way out quickly, but Sycris noticed the guard who freed him lose his balance in an attempt to dodge some of the dangerous coolant. Instinctively, Sycris reached out to keep the man from falling into the puddle of coolant. Foolishly, for the guard noticed that he was free from his cuffs and called out that the prisoners were free before firing stun damage at the group of them.

Sycris had no time for this ungrateful gesture. Had he seen that coming, he’d have let the son of a bitch die, and the other guards would have at least had a chance to live. But there was no mercy now; the group dispatched them quickly, even though throughout the combat Sycris was at a disadvantage, since he had no weapons or armor. Perhaps it was the combination of force lightning and the stun weapons, but Sycris couldn’t remain conscious and fell to the floor.

Sycris woke in what appeared to be the hanger bay. He felt somewhat rejuvenated, but it took a few moments for the stun effects to wear off. Afterwards, he found his armor and weapons, which he donned quickly before the group made their way to their new friend’s ship.

Once away, the guy broke out the cigars. Sycris sat next to him, leaned over and asked, “Got another one?” Hale reached into the box, handed him a cigar, and offered him a light. As they sat puffing away, Hale filled them in a bit more on the political situation, and told them that he was willing to drop them off on Ye Thuza, since that was where he was headed. With a nod to Sycris, he made sure to tell them that force users on the planet were executed when found. Finally, Isolde thought to ask the man his name; he told them that he was Captain Hale, and that he’d been trying to make a rendezvous with the Galactic Alliance, only the ship he was supposed to meet was rubble when he got there.

He asked what they had been doing there. He scoffed at the story of how they had slept 1700 years, but Sycris looked him in the eye and told him the truth with complete sincerity. Sycris must have been convincing, since Hale stopped making fun of the idea, but he could tell that the Captain didn’t believe him so much as believed that Sycris believed it. Sycris left it at that.

When they arrived, Hale pulled Sycris aside and offered them a job working as “security for his delivery run.” Since the job went off without a hitch, Sycris doubted he had needed the “security” at all, but he was 600 credits richer so why should he complain? Of course, he couldn’t walk around in his armor on this planet, not without a Bounty Hunter’s license, so the cash would come in handy for renting a storage unit.

With Isolde’s help, since the damn Yetheni were stupid xenophobes, he managed to get a decent rate on a storage unit for three days. He figured that was plenty of time to do whatever they had to. Sycris knew he had to do all of this crap, but he felt vulnerable without his gear, like he was walking around naked.

Isolde left to find out what she could about getting them new identification papers. Hours later, she still hadn’t returned. Faras got fed up and decided to do some asking around himself. He was able to find a lead on the papers. As they waited to meet with the guy, he saw Isolde on the news. The report listed her an unidentified female who had been found dead in the showers with one of the athletes, whoever that was.

Faras did some talking bit with this Yetheni guy, Sampreg, and got him to provide new papers in exchange for the ship they had woken up in. Sycris wasn’t keen on the idea of Faras making that decision without talking to them about it first, but he figured that it was probably the only thing they had to leverage for new papers so they could get of off this rock. Then they went and found some cheap motel to settle in for the next couple of days.

The next day, he was up and about after a poor night’s sleep. Distrust for their surroundings and worry for his sister kept him up for long periods of time. A knock on the door had him reaching for his pistol. He opened the door a crack and looked out. An attractive Yetheni girl stood there, breathing heavily as if she was running from something. “Can I come in?” “No,” he said, without missing a beat.

“Isolde sent me.” “Isolde’s dead.” “I know,” she replied, and then said certain things. Things that only Isolde would know. “Please, I can’t talk about this out here. Can I come inside?” Sycris looked to the others. SHK didn’t seem to care. Faras said that he wouldn’t let her in, but it was up to him. Sycris hesitated, then opened the door wide enough for her. The girl scooched through the door and across the room. Sycris kept his hand on his pistol as she began to explain who she was.

Sycris thought about what she’d said. He was inclined to believe her, but Faras and SHK didn’t feel the same way. They were arguing about what to do next—Angela wanted to go to an old temple, something to do with the revelations Isolde had been talking about—when they heard a ruckus down the hall. They all shushed and strained to listen. “It’ll feel good, baby;,you’re so drugged up you won’t even notice.”

Sycris tore down the hall and burst into the room. A group of thugs had a human girl surrounded. One in particular was holding her down, a dead man—well, a big, soon-to-be-dead man.
Sycris lifted his heavy blaster pistol and fired a perfectly accurate round at the the big guy. That got their attention, the fucking perverts. The group of them started to pull their weapons, and the big perv charged Sycris with a vibroblade. Shortly after he ran out, the rest of Sycris’ companions and Angela thought it best to assist Sycris and came down the hall to help.

The first guy to drop was the one Sycris had marked for Death at the start of all this; afterward, the rest of them lowered their weapons, but kept their hands on them. They said they’d pull out, no more “casualties”—not that there were any. At first, Sycris wasn’t going to let that fly; first of all, Angela assisted him by using the force, which was very illegal on the planet, and the bastards would just live to do this again to some other poor soul waiting to be taken advantage of.

Sycris began to raise his blaster to fire, when Faras intervened and mentioned that they were thugs with criminal records; they wouldn’t go to the authorities. Even if they had, no one would believe them…or would they? Deciding he had a point, Sycris changed his mind; anyway, they high-tailed it out of there before his wishy-washy decision making swayed against them, again.

Sycris holstered his pistol and walked into the room, inspecting it as he walked toward the girl lying on the floor. Asking if she was alright, Sycris started to help her up by, grabbing her upper arm gently when, luckily, he noticed that she had a concealed vibrodagger ready in her hand. She took a swing at him with it, But he instantly reacted, just quick enough. He pinned her, face down, on the bed and disarmed her, keeping her hands behind her back. L-10 quickly came over and sedated her.

The group searched her, looking for other weapons;they found some technical equipment and some syringes of Farish-red. The only things destroyed were the illegal drugs; the rest of it was ready to be returned to her. She remained asleep for a couple of hours; during that time L-10 was able to examine her, discovering that she had a neurological disease. It was curable, but only through extremely expensive surgery. Sycris started to regret his decision about throwing away the drugs when he then realized how much pain this poor girl must be in. Maybe there was something he could do…

He started shuffling through her bag, coming across her I.D. According to it, her name was Kari Vox. He noticed some papers she had, but Sycris started to feel a bit uneasy about searching for more so he stopped.

She eventually came to, and Sycris greeted her and let her know all that had happened. She was certainly displeased to hear about what they did with the drugs, but didn’t know how to react to the fact that they rescued her from being raped. She was certainly not a person who was used to being helped; in fact, most people took advantage of her given the chance. It seemed that it was hard for her to even trust those who expressed honest good will, but who could blame her, really? Sycris explained a bit of their situation to her, and perhaps because of their intervention on her behalf, she managed to help Sycris and Angela exit the city with forged day passes.

The three of them left to cross the mesa to the old fortress-temple, leaving Faras and SHK behind. Before they left, however, Sycris went to retrieve his armor. Afterward, they all rode out to the temple his newest companion wished to visit. It was a long ride, but eventually they got there: an old ruined temple infested with large spiders—not a pretty picture, but hey, what the hell.

Making their way in, the group became somewhat curious about the glowing goop on the walls and floor. Sycris touched it, and a gargantuan spider dropped from the ceiling and advanced on him. The thing was tough; luckily,they were able to defeat it; it was a lesson learned: “Don’t. Touch. The. Glowy. Goo.”

Angela reached out with the force,and said that they needed to be below ground. Sycris found a large hole in the floor, and Angela confirmed that they should go through it. Sycris readied his jet pack and safely brought the two ladies down; he then shut the pack off and began assisting Angela in her search. Soon enough she found it, an alien sitting down with his back turned to them; he seemed to be writing something down.

Sycris called out, “So apparently you were expecting us, because I know for damn sure you knew we were here.” The alien turned around and agreed with Sycris, but afterwards he seemed to just focus on Angela.

Sycris had not seen a creature like this before;, at least, he couldn’t remember one. It spoke strangely to Angela; It sounded as if sometimes he were referring to Isolde. Not long after, Angela elaborated more on this twist of personalities brought on by the force and some other mumbojumbo that Sycris truly couldn’t grasp completely, probably due to his lack of force training.

The visit was a brief one; not long after their discussion about carrying on a dying ancient order, the alien revealed that he was over 1700 years old and was slowly going mad. It truly desired to finally be at peace. Angela agreed that she would take on the burden of maintaining this order, and she would do the honor of freeing the alien from its slow decay and insanity.

He gave her a particular weapon, and right before she used it to put him down, he mentioned to her, “You made the right choice.” With a brief look of new found approval and understanding on her face, she thrust the weapon forward ,killing the alien painlessly.

Sycris approved, understanding that he wanted an honorable death. He assisted in getting the group back to the vehicle, and after another six hours passed, Sycris was back at the storage hold to return his armor, reluctantly, before he met back up with the group at the motel. Sycris mentioned to Kari that they could help smuggle her off planet with assistance from Captain Hale. Sycris truly wanted this girl to have her freedom and not be abandoned and tied to a world that looks at humans as lower than shit. She needed a fresh start, and Sycris, along with Angela, wanted to assist with that.

She honestly couldn’t believe that this was just all a nice gesture, so Sycris and Angela agreed that she could be a huge asset to the group, what with her slicing skills and surgical expertise. Not only was this true, but it was the only way to make her feel that there was “payment” involved.

The group met up with Captain Hale and explained the situation. Vale generously accepted to bring her off world—the price would be 500 credits. Sycris, without missing a beat, started to pool everyone’s credits together, to see who could spare what to help someone they barely knew. Sycris could tell everybody but Angela wasn’t too keen on the idea of doing so, but they didn’t argue. Not far after however the group was greeted by Sampreg.

Game 3

After the group had been on Bastion a little more than three weeks, a new member joined the crew. A Miralukan medic named Prados. He stood out a good bit, since his kind were few and far between. He proved himself to be a solid medic and had been working closely with Angela. Pretty soon, however, the group was paid a visit by the local authorities. Thankfully no one was in trouble—well, not Sycris and company, at least. Sycris automatically assumed that this was about Kari—she had been running the streets a lot more lately when everybody else had been laying low. He was almost willing to bet credits it was her… That’s unfortunate, Sycris thought to himself.

The group made their way to the town hall, where they met with Magistrate Joseph Bailey. He was somewhat humorous in his demeanor at first, when talking to Sycris, but that soon ended when he started to elaborate on the reasons he had sent for them in the first place.

“Damn it Kari!” he thought to himself while listening to the list of things she managed to destroy or damage during her escapade. Sycris, at least, was relieved to learn that there was something the group could do to help get Kari off the hook for this disaster; not completely, but they would at least drop the charges.

The group was offered a job. As part of the deal, if they could pull it off, the charges against Kari would be dropped, though she would have to get rehabilitation and therapy. “Rehab,” Sycris thought. “Hm…something she could honestly use.” The group agreed to do the job; however, Faras made it clear to “the group”, looking pointedly toward Sycris, that this would be the last time he would help her out of that kind of mess. From there onward, if she fucked up, she was on her own.

Sycris bit his lip; he knew the Kel Dor had a solid point, and honestly his type wasn’t there to hold anyone’s hand through hard troubles. Sycris agreed, but this time he’d have to keep even closer tabs on her. Kari was already good at escaping from rooms and cells; he hated the idea of jailing her, but for her own good,he would have to do something.

The group started the investigation process; while they were gathering equipment, Sycris had something to take care of. He knew he would be going out in public far more for this mission, and he needed complete freedom to maintain wearing his armor, so he ran a complete search for notable, good-paying bounties in the local area he would be working in. He lucked out and found a Trey Watkins on his list. He wasn’t going after the bounty just yet, however. It would have to wait, but at least he had something to work with. If anybody asked, he would just say he was searching for the guy.

Following the leads they had, they made their way to Sartinaynian city. The group figured that the Dublin Pleasure Den was the place they would start, but after searching through more data, the group had to put this particular club on hold and make their way to the sewage treatment facility.

Once there, the group set up a 24 hour surveillance; Sycris and Angela worked together during the daylight hours. They managed to uncover the security detail: all of them were concealed very well because of the effects of enhanced stealth field generators. The group knew the hardware was there at the facility; they just needed to get in.

The group managed to infiltrate the plant and compromise outgoing communication. Sycris and his companions fought quite a few battles in there; SHK manged to get himself hit hard by a sniper while en route to disrupting the outgoing communication relay. Thankfully, Faras managed to finish the job; he also landed a good head shot that finished the sniper off.

Because of Faras’s Huttese threats, The Sith Imperials discovered that they had been infiltrated and despite the lack of power managed to flood the lower floor where Sycris, Addison, Angela and Prados were. Each of them managed to rush to the upper floor where the Imperials were waiting for them. Four of the Imps were carrying out cases of what Sycris assumed to be the hardware they were after; firing off his jetpack, he closed the distance between himself and the Imperials. He managed to disrupt their plans, forcing them to drop the cases. After an intense firefight, and eventually the group overcame the Imperials. They recovered the equipment, retrieved SHK, and escaped the way they came.

Though the group was more than a little tired, they knew that they needed to get the job done, and soon. Their next stop was the Dublin Pleasure Den. Sycris knew getting in with his armor was almost impossible, but once again he lucked out and found the exact cockroach needed to get him in. After approaching the bouncer at the front door, Sycris showed the guy his bounty license, and after some explanation Sycris was allowed through. Not far after that, Faras, with Angela on his arm, followed in as well; they went a different way, though. Sycris was looking around the club, inspecting exits and looking for any other routes the target could take to make an escape.

Sycris found his target’s position in a private room. He let himself in, closing the curtains behind him. There was a cutey dancing on the little guy’s lap and two droid units perhaps a foot in diameter hovering over his head. Sycris noticed that Trey looked up toward his droids, as if to direct them to assault the intruder; Sycris, knowing that this twerp wouldn’t surrender, managed to draw his blaster pistol and shoot one of the droids with dead-on-balls-accurate aim, causing severe critical damage. Both droids fired in rapid succession at Sycris. While Sycris was fending off their attacks, Trey made a break for it; he tried to bull-rush through Sycris, who was standing in the archway. Sycris kneed him in the gut, pushing him back onto the couch next to the dancer, who was scared shitless at this point.

The battle didn’t take too long; after Sycris distracted the droids, the dancer asked if she could go; she swore that she didn’t see anything. Sycris waved his gun toward the door, allowing her to go. He threw the binder cuffs toward Trey Watkins, telling him, “You do the honors.” The target begrudgingly placed them on his wrists behind his back.

Sycris made his way out of the room with his bounty, pistol to the guy’s back, but three men approached Sycris, all dressed in a high-class security fashion. At first, Sycris wasn’t sure if these goons would attack him—who knew, they could be on payroll for the creep he had in his custody. However, that theory soon vanished when they mentioned that he was to join his companions upstairs.

Sycris and his bounty walked into a room that looked exactly like what Sycris suspected it was used for. Faras was prying information from a woman who apparently had been forced to work with the Sith against her will: “What a surprise,” he thought facetiously to himself. They managed to formulate a plan based on the information Faras received that would allow them to prepare an ambush and entrap the Sith.

Talking their way into the building, the group set up in some conveniently empty apartments and Prados used his computer slicing skills to get into the security systems; however, he quickly picked up that something was off. Though Sycris was assisting him, he didn’t completely understand what Prados was getting at. It wasn’t until Faras mentioned that the person at the door was a hologram that Sycris thought twice about ambushing him. Prados was trying to trace back the other infiltrator and find his location. Luckily he did; digging deep and relying on the force, he pinpointed the location of the real Sith they wanted to capture…or kill. Unfortunately, the Sith realized he had been made and the link vanished.

With haste, Sycris opened up the window and picked up his sister. Activating his jetpack, they flew out the 14th story window; quickly he made his way there, clearing just a few blocks in seconds. He landed in front of a concealed building with blacked-out windows. So many thoughts raced through Sycris’ head; he wanted this Sith’s blood badly, and he couldn’t afford to wait for the rest of his companions—“They would take too long,” he thought to himself. Imagining this Sith getting away, Sycris gritted his teeth and charged forward, bashing through the doors.

This Sith was wearing a dark blue cloak, his face partially concealed by his hood, but Sycris could still tell that he was pissed. The dark figure activated his dark blue lightsabers and charged towards Sycris. The Sith angrily told Sycris, “You made a mistake in coming here, Bounty Hunter!” He swung his weapons at Sycris with precision; Sycris’ armor did not fail him, however. Sycris threw back his own words at the dark figure—“I’m exactly where I should be, you fucking filth!”—as Sycris dug deep within himself and fired a dead-on blaster round into the dark figure’s shoulder. His sister leaped into the fray of combat, activating her twin purple blades.

After a few seconds of combat, Sycris and Addison knew that they were fighting a formidable opponent. The dark figure was a fancy display of combat finesse and amazing acrobatic striking. Addison, with her similar style of combat, fought him valiantly in turn; Sycris, with his precision and indomitable will to destroy the Sith did the same—the two of them would not let up. Was it the memory of their parents from long ago that fueled such determination in both of them? For Sycris, it was the source of his. The Sith proved strong, drawing more on the dark side of the force—fortunately, Addison and Sycris began to tire just as Angela, Prados, and SHK showed up.

Eventually, the Sith knew he was outnumbered and began to tire as well; he activated a stealth field generator and surged out the door. No one could find him, but Sycris, utterly bent on the Sith’s destruction, didn’t leave it at that—he caught a glimpse of him leaving, shrouded by the effects of the generator. Sycris fired up his Jetpack at full blast! Sycris began to receive warnings from the tech built in his armor that he only had 2 charges left on his gas cylinder. “Damn it!” Sycris thought. He yelled out for Addison to strike the general area he was following. She trusted her brother, but she needed to rely on the force as well, leaping to the target area, closing her eyes and allowing the force to guide her hand. When she landed, swinging her lightsaber in a downward motion, the dark figured dropped from concealment and lay dead on the ground. Surprisingly, the body quickly decomposed and what was left of the man appeared to disintegrate.

As the Sith fell, Faras finally caught up after taking the elevator down from the floor that Brena Namear lived in and walking the rest of the way. Then the group made their way back to the capital city. In concluding their business with the Magistrate, they scratched the surface of explaining some of the details, but he dismissively waved a hand, not truly wanting to know the details of a vigilante justice operation. As promised, Kari was allowed to return to them, but on the condition that she maintained going to therapy twice a month with a Dr. Myar Tremol. She was pretty out of it due to the sedation drugs they had her on, but she comprehended and agreed.

That night Sycris awoke from a vivid dream that shook him badly; he knew that his sister had the same dream. He truly couldn’t make sense of it. He put a shirt on and opened his door to the hall, where he saw Addison;her expression confirmed that she too had the same dream. They both sat on his bed, discussing the matter, explaining it in detail to see if they could make out its purpose. They certainly agreed that more information was needed to understand what they had seen… and what would be the outcome of understanding it.

Later that morning, Kari Vox was eating breakfast with Angela when Sycris walked into the room with Addison, talking about last night’s disturbance. Sycris could tell that they were discussing the matter of her absence, and about getting herself locked up. She obviously was aware of what she had done, and truly thankful for what they had done. Sycris at first began to discuss matters, but was soon cut off by Angela , who said that it had been resolved. Sycris willingly changed the subject. Kari, however, explained to the three of them that she had discovered signs of Sith infiltration in the civil defense system. Worm programs, whose purpose remained unknown, were embedded throughout the system. They were operating on a decaying algorithm, indicating that whatever their intended function was, it would be complete in roughly six months.

Surprised a bit by the information, they decided to talk more on the matter of how to handle it. They knew they would have to act soon, but they didn’t want to jump into things without looking clearly at them first. In the mean time, Kari was informed that Prados would be working with her. He would be monitoring and selecting proper dosage of medication so that she could continue to function without being crippled by the pain of her illness, while at the same time easing her off of her addiction. It was Sycris’ full intention to help Kari recover a hundred percent from her illness.

Game 4

Six weeks had passed since that day they sat around the table having their discussions. Sycris woke from another “dream” he had, knowing full well that his sister had it as well. He sat up, realized his door was slightly open, remembered it had been fully closed but not locked. He got up and closed it, but when he turned around he saw that his armor was missing. He quickly slapped a shirt and pants on, grabbed his Blaster Pistol, and opened the door carefully.

Sycris saw his sister walking down the hall toward his room; he waited for her to get closer, then he reached out for her arms, pulled her into the room, and explained how he was missing his armor. After a quick discussion, they started to search the ship. Sycris noticed a reaction, a slight release of fire, and saw his armor laid stretched out in a similar fashion to the girl in his dream.

Carefully, he walked around Kari in order to avoid startling her, waiting for her peripheral vision to notice him. She put down her mechanical utensils. Sycris’ shock was clear on his face—he wasn’t sure exactly what was being done to his armor, but she eventually explained, in a round about way, what she had done to it and what she was still working on. Sycris was thrilled about the cool improvements she put into his armor—something he had planned to do eventually, but she had taken care of it for him. Moved by her hard work and clear concern for Sycris’ safety, he reached out and hugged her for a moment.

At first she seemed a bit confused about how to deal with it, so he quickly released her because he didn’t wish for her to feel to uncomfortable. He kept a smile on his face, looking at her, thanking her for all she did. He was put at ease knowing everything was fine, and so he went back to sleep for the rest of the night.

In the morning, Addison and Sycris decided to confide in Angela about their ongoing dreams; Angela was very knowledgeable about the force, and Sycris was sure she could give them answers. After discussing many of the details with her, she shed much more light on the matter, but that eventually led to more questions. Luckily, Kari was able to assist in that as well. Addison confided in him,a secret that shocked Sycris; together, they took some time to talk about the matter. In the meantime, Angela and Kari had apparently found that there was a remnant left of the Order of Than. The planet that they were presumably on was called Dantooine.

They left Bastion not long after making the decision to follow up on the Yetheni people; however, while in route to Dantooine by means of Hyperspace the ship’s engines noise level dropped significantly. Sycris’ had never had that problem occur, ever; he walked over to the bridge, noticed a female form in armor in the common area. He immediately drew his pistol and used the archway as cover, as he wasn’t wearing armor since he hadn’t expected combat in hyperspace. She didn’t flinch; she just started speaking, primarily of their research findings before leaving Bastion. The figure warned them against taking certain actions too soon, before the time was right to do so. She also gave other tips that the group could use as a precaution for all of their wellbeing.

After she explained the things she wanted to say, she simply vanished in the blink of an eye. No traces were left, as if she had never even been there, and the engines returned to normal. Amazed and confused about what they saw, they took heed of the warnings, and trusted, as best they could, in the information that was given them.

After landing on Dantooine, Sycris, Kari, Addison, and Angela went out on the search, Angela the in lead.
Eventually they discovered the Yetheni people. Angela, through a diplomatic discussion with their leader, managed to strike a deal with the Yetheni; if completed, they would work to reestablish the Order of Than. They also informed them that a Jedi was in the area as well, about three miles west. Surprised, the group decided to track down the Jedi quickly, in hopes he hadn’t left the planet yet.

They approached a massive area, roughly 100 yards of scorched earth; it appeared that aircraft fire had done the damage, though they couldn’t say for certain. Unexpectedly, Sycris had a lightsaber blade placed right by his neck! He quickly drew his weapon, but the Jedi they had been looking for revealed himself, and slashed at Sycris in a downward motion, hitting his armor, the shields couldn’t deflect the damage and only the armor,s reduction reduced the powerful attack he had made. Sycris activated his jetpack and withdrew a few feet, unleashing blaster fire at the enemy with great precision, but the Jedi dodged out of the away. Angela quickly put an end to the fight, demanding that the two of them stop.

Thankfully, they did. They found out that the Jedi, Arazale, was a Jedi Master. Out of Sycris’ league…for now he thought. As Arazale explained what his intentions for being there were, Sycris felt easier about letting his grudge go; after all, the Jedi did apologize for his actions. Sycris accepted his sincere gesture, returning it with a nod of approval. They boarded ship after talking with the Jedi Master and headed back to Bastion.

Once they returned to Bastion, Angela made contact with Sampreg via Holocom and asked if he could assist them in entering one of the Thanite temples. She wanted to look for cortosis, an ore extremely hard to come by. If any of this were to take place, they would have to do a “favor” for Sampreg first. Unfortunately, it wasn’t something Sycris wished to hear. Sampreg mentioned that Captain Hale, the very man who had saved all their asses from the Iron Star, had been skimming far too many credits from him, and for far too many jobs. Too many people had been made aware of it, and Sampreg had to enforce discipline to protect his position, reputation, and investments.

Sycris was also informed that Hale was wanted for 7,000 credits, dead. He truly didn’t want to have all of this go south; if he could convince Hale to pay the money, it would be for the best. Hale had got them to Ye Thuza and helped establish them a bit more, and he helped smuggle Kari off planet as well. Seven grand couldn’t touch what this man had already helped Sycris with.

They caught up with Hale on his ship, loading cargo, and after a bit of chitchat, Captain Hale then confirmed why they had showed up armored and armed. They tried to convince Hale to pay the money, but he claimed he didn’t have it. Sycris was thinking of offering him some type of payment plant, perhaps if he could help with a loan from the Hutts, or pay half now and the other half later…but then Sycris was stunned by what he heard next. Hale told them that if the group planed to enforce Sampreg’s deal and kill him, that Kari would soon die because of a poison he administered to her back when she was on Ye Thuza.

Outraged by Hale’s actions, Sycris saw the dark side of this deceitful son of a bitch and it pissed him off to no end. Sycris flipped the switch on his pistol and pointed it at him, “You’re going to tell me one way or another the cure for Kari, even if I need to peel the skin from your back…slowly.” Hale scoffed and the group began combat with the dockworkers and Hale.

Hale, simply outmatched as the group finished off his crewmen, pulled a grenade from his belt and, releasing the pin, held it in his hand. Hale assured the group he wasn’t going to be taken alive. Sycris thought only about Kari; he needed to find the cure for the poison. Sycris fired off his jetpack, and landing adjacent to Hale, he seized the arm with the grenade and gave what cover he could, in case Hale released it. Angela made her way around, but Hale wasn’t going down alone; he released the grenade and the explosion hit the three of them.

Sycris, though affected by the blast, was still functional, but Hale was in terrible shape. Angela picked herself up and rushed over, Addison coming to her aid, and they worked on resuscitating and stabilizing him; luckily, they were successful. Addison found that the cargo area held a crate of medication that Prados confirmed was the kind Kari needed for her illness. That pissed Sycris off even more, but he kept his head and proceeded to search the ship. Kari ran a search on the astrogation data, combined with a sample of the poison Angela had found, and eventually confirmed what species Hale had used to poison her.

On the Venture Capital, Prados managed to formulate a cure for her with the data they recovered. Therefore Hale was of no use to Sycris anymore. He wanted to wake Hale and slowly hurt him, thinking of Kari and how she could have ended up dead just to save his own ass, how he took advantage of the poor girl the same way others had. However, Sycris remembered that the man had saved him and his companions. Hale gave them the lift they needed to Ye Thuza, and a new start with a shared job. Sycris had once liked him, but he was fooled. “For that, I’ll let you go in your sleep,” he thought to himself.

Sycris put his gun away and walked up to Hale, who was still out cold; he reached over and grabbed an empty syringe, filled it up with air. Sticking the needle in Hale’s arm, he released the air into his veins. Sycris felt justified the same way he had when he stopped the rapists at the motel.

Sycris took Hale’s body to the bounty hunters guild, where he collected the reward and split it with his companions who had assisted. After reaching the ship again, the crew informed Sampreg of the outcome; he was pleased to hear it had ended. Sycris went to check on Kari, who was undergoing treatment and pretty out of it. Angela was there with her; Kari had been barely awake for their little talk, but soon fell asleep. Angela informed him of her condition. Over all she was doing well; she would recover, but she had to take it easy for roughly 40 hours.

After Prados and Angela had left the room, Sycris stood next to her, watching her; he thought how sad it was that she couldn’t ever catch a break. So many took advantage of her, either for greed, lust or self-preservation. He took her hand and rubbed his thumb gently on hers; looking at her sleeping, for a moment she seemed at peace. He smiled to himself and gently placed her hand back, turned around, and walked out of the med bay.

Game 5

Sycris Malgrave

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