An eccentric droid from parts unknown, it holds itself to a peculiar code of ethics as it strives to complete an inscrutable task.




“What did you say you wanted to know about? That weird lookin’ droid over there? That’s a tall order, Mister, on account of nobody knowing much about old SHK. Shows up about eight months back with a rusted crate of a salvage boat and a load of scrap metal in better shape than the ship. It looks unarmed, but I heard Wesk Deaken tried to put a restraining bolt on it so he could sell it to to the Jawas and was found unconscious in a back ally with no recollection of how he got there.”

“It’s more than unusual for a droid to have a ship and trade in salvage, but this is the Rim and business is business. Made out like a bandit too; Almost felt bad about that, but the funny thing is, it was as if the salvage was of little consequence to the droid. See, it didn’t haggle at all, instead it asked a bunch of strange questions about recent visitors and whether I had noticed any unusual ‘occurrences’ lately. All I had to give it was the local gossip, and the droid let the matter drop, but it seemed, I don’t know, unsatisfied.”

“SHK’s showed up twice since, and it’s asked the same questions, but when I give the same answers, it just drops the subject, unloads its cargo and leaves. I’ve seen it talking to other folks around here during its short stays planetside, and once I saw it prowling around the spaceport, observing arrivals. Damned if I know what it wanted, but like I said, business is business, and SHK is a cheap, if unreliable, source of salvage and scrap. I advise caution in dealing with it all the same, Mister”

SitRep #48576: The Quarry has not yet been sighted. Responded to distress call from vintage Republic vessel near Colony 5894b. The vessel did not contain the Quarry, but did contain four survivors and a mechanical. This unit judged it proper to lend aid, as these survivors have been in cryo-hibernation for 1736 standard orbital cycles, and thus are an unknown variable that may prove of use. This unit will proceed accordingly. SHK-V3, commanding CRS Unsupported Optimism, signing off.

SitRep #48577: The Quarry has not yet been sighted. This unit currently working with the outsiders rescued from wreck to allow larger search area, as no sign of the Quarry has been found on Tatooine, Roon, Lok, Geonosis, Ryloth or Zhar, and Anti-Droid sentiments present significant impediment. This unit must report the regrettable loss of current vessel Unsupported Optimism due to a combination of outsider and Enemy interference. The actions of fellow mechanism, Indentification “L-10 (Known hereafter in files as “Technomancer”), have allowed this unit to avoid study by the Enemy. Subsequent release of imprisoned allies and escape to Colony 5894b (Abandoned, now known both locally and in contemporary starmaps as Ye Thuza) standard, for operations of its type.

One of this unit’s companions, Identification: Isolde (Note: responsible for ill-advised course deviation to Colony 5894b and subsequent loss of vessel and capture by Enemy, and hereafter known in files as “Omen”), broke security protocol and proceeded unescorted on intelligence mission- subsequently found dead. Within 24 hours, a native lifeform arrived and claimed to have downloaded memories from deceased companion. Not impossible, but also not applicable to finding the Quarry. The distressed native, Identification: Angela (Hereafter known in files as “Omen II”), then requested aid. This Unit’s companions were split on reaction, Identification: Faras (Hereafter known in files as “Chisler”) expressing cynicism, while Identification: Sycris (hereafter known in files as “Firebrand”) expressed a cautious belief in Omen II’s statements. The discourse was interrupted by Firebrand noticing and moving to break up an altercation in a nearby dwelling. This unit convinced Chisler to assist Firebrand through notation of funds in Firebrand’s keeping, and the leader of a chohort of non-entity thugs was soon permanently disabled.

The victim of the gang, Identification: Kari (hereafter known in files as “Cyberwitch”), after attacking Firebrand and Omen II and being more temporarily disabled, was found to be in possession of several unlicensed pharmaceuticals, which this unit disintegrated under Chisler’s direction. This act of drug interdiction was immediately followed by notification that Cyberwitch suffers from debilitating condition and that the pharmaceuticals were a vile but necessary part of the individual’s existence. Upon regaining consciousness, Cyberwitch was immediately informed of her drug’s destruction by Firebrand ( This instance of “Narcing” has been added to his file). Cyberwitch’s proficiency with software and hacking was revealed, and a deal was struck: for her assistance she would be given passage of of Colony 5894b.

Omen II then continued Omen I’s speeches about “Revelations” and “Visions” and “Going to Jungle Fortress Which Will Rust Out Your Joints And Chassis And Get This Unit Eaten By Rancor Which Will Not Result In Locating The Quarry,” which both this unit and Chisler declined to assist in. While Firebrand, Cyberwitch, and Omen II wandered the wastes of Colony 5894b, this unit, in the company of Chisler and Technomancer saw to acquiring the proper paperwork to get off-planet. Chisler’s primary skillset saw this venture in good stead, as he bargained with local underworld lieutenant Identification: Sampreg (Hereafter known in files as “Racketeer”) the location of the vintage Republic wreck and its computer codes for the required papers. This transaction would also result in both funds and a new vessel, Identification: Venture Capital, on the condition that cargo runs and other tasks be preformed for Racketeer. The weary wanderers arrived with mission apparently accomplished, and eventually the Venture Capital, with this unit at the conn, lifted off from Colony 5894b.

After a stopover at Tatooine, this unit and its companions eventually arrived on the guarded world of Bastion, where Chisler hopes to further his as of yet unspecified goal. However, this unit feels that its efficiency in tracing the Quarry has been improved overall, and will proceed accordingly. SHK-V3, pilot of Venture Capital signing off.

SitRep #48578: No sign of the Quarry. This Unit acknowledges transmission received. This Unit will recalibrate to new data and act accordingly. SHK-V3, pilot of Venture Capital signing off.


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