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Hey folks. This was the only method that I felt certain would reach everyone. Unusual, I admit, but any port in a storm.

In an attempt to add a little “who dun it” element into the campaign, last week information was placed in the PCs hands that someone aboard the vessel was a spy. I thought this would make for a fun bit of drama and add a little more paranoia than the average game (in which players rarely, if ever, have to be concerned about their fellow players). Beyond a simple desire to spice things up, it added an enjoyable plotline for at least one PC.

Unfortunately, I misjudged this badly. What it actually led to was a split of the players into two groups (Faction A and B). Last night, I was informed that Faction A was going to place the other PCs into a room and tell them that they could either allow X interrogation techniques to be performed on them, or they would be kicked from the ship (ergo, the campaign). When I informed Faction A that if the players split in such a way, it might be Faction A making new characters, the only other available alternative was determined to be killing Faction B if they resisted.

Of course, Faction A is only going to push things this far because they are confident that they have the combat advantage over B. And despite claims to the contrary, I think Faction A would be pissed off if they were ever put in a similar situation (a more powerful PC saying “my way or the highway”). So I’ve been placed in a position where I can either allow one group of players to be railroaded (allow X or get out of the game), or I can tell the other group of players that they can simply not take that action. After careful consideration, I’ve chosen option C.

With apologies to everyone (and most sincerely to Raul, who just joined us), I’m going to simply stop running the game. I’m certain that this will generate no small amount of ill-will. That’s fair. However, I’m equally certain that I don’t want to spend four hours every Sunday driving back and forth to New Orleans in order to run a game that is not a cooperative effort in enjoyment. When one group of players decided that they had the right to kick the others out of the game if their demand weren’t met, it clearly demonstrated that cooperation was pretty far down the priority list. While I clearly disagree with the concept, I can’t say that is bad or wrong (since it is subjective). It simply isn’t a position that I’m interested in embracing.


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