Kari Vox

A shadow-world tech abusing drugs to control a terminal illness, Kari is a vagabond chasing the faint hope that she could be something more.


The path of a jedi by fyrewoode


Kari was born to traders on the planet Ye Thuza; her parents ended up making more than one delivery during the trip. Kari’s bad luck started immediately. Born with Quannot’s Syndrome, she was placed under quarantine for twelve months and unable to leave the planet. Her parents’ permits did not allow them to remain, and Kari was orphaned as quickly as she had been born (her parents died shortly thereafter, collateral damage in the early war between the Empire and the Galactic Alliance).

Kari grew up in state-administered housing. Like many similar systems on other worlds, oversight was often nonexistent outside of her medical treatments. Kari spent far more time running with local ruffians than being cared for. In her early teen years, Kari was frequently incapacitated by the pains caused both by her disease and her treatments. She was raped for the first time by thirteen, a pattern that continued until she learned to medicate herself with stimulants at seventeen. This process left her high, but able to fend off the deviants she spent her time around.

A nineteen year old with numerous arrests on her record and an ongoing addiction to stimulants (mostly Farish-red), Kari would be a complete write-off except for two things. First, she spent her time indoors (limited thanks to her illness) mastering technical fields. She has even received an honorary degree from the Adasca Biomechanical Corporation. Secondly, she wants to get out of the muck of her life. She just hasn’t figured out how…

Game 2

Recently, Kari found herself on the receiving end of the sexual desires of a brute named Daern. However, during one such assault, Sycrics Malgrave was nearby and heard the struggle. The warrior intervened, killing Daern in the process. In exchange for being smuggled off-world, Kari agree to provide Sycric and Angela: with day passes that enabled them to leave the city of Errilos. Sycris remained true to his word, bartering with Captain Hale in order to have the young woman brought to Tattooine.

Once she arrived on Tattooine, Sycris offered her a berth on the companions’ new ship, the Venture Capital. In exchange, she would help the group with any slicing needs they might find themselves in need of. Kari tentatively agreed, and has traveled with the party to the fortress world of Bastion.

Game 3

Months spent on Bastion gave Kari plenty of time to exercise her unique skillset. Unfortunately, she did so in a manner that brought her to the attention of the civil authorities. While posing as a prostitute, she lured an undercover detective into a room before using a miniature droid to disable him. She then attempted to leave. However, no one other than Marasiah Fel was having a private party in the facility, guarded by a contingent of Imperial Knights. They detected the disturbance and apprehended Kari.

While being interrogated, Kari convinced the officer to briefly leave to procure medicine for her. She was able to reactivate his datapad’s wireless link, hack the building’s computer, and convince the resident droid security that Sith had infiltrated. The droids turned on the police with stun weapons, giving Kari the opportunity she needed to escape. In another stroke of bad luck, her syndrome activated, leaving her paralyzed in pain four meters from the exit.

Magistrate Joseph Bailey reached an agreement with the companions. In exchange for their help with an operation, he would release Kari. However, she would be forced to undergo mandatory psychological treatment under Dr. Maya Trimmel. The companions were able to successfully complete the mission, and Kari was released into their custody.

Amazed that they had chosen to help her, and touched by the positive overtures of Sycris and Angela, Kari confided that she had discovered signs of Sith infiltration in the civil defense system. Worm programs, whose purpose remains unknown, were imbedded throughout the system. They were operating on a decaying algorithm, indicating that whatever their intended function is, it will be complete in roughly six months.

Currently, Kari is determined to fulfill her legal obligations so that she can remain free. Perhaps more importantly, she is doing her best to convince the crew she has become a part of that she can be a valuable asset. To this end, she has improved her stealth skills and had L-10 install cybernetics to bolster her reflexes and hand-eye coordination. Both have increased her field potential. Despite these strides, the addiction that has shackled her continues to gnaw its way through her insides, threatening to undo everything she has accomplished.

Game 4

With the help of Dr. Trimmel and Prados, Kari has come a long way during the last six weeks in terms of controlling her addiction to Farish-Red. Though she was still using the drug, her intake has lessened considerably. Dr. Trimmel has also been working on helping Kari to overcome her difficulty with interpersonal relationships. It was her influence that led Kari to reach out to Sycris in the only way she knew how.

Addison and Sycric, after sharing another disturbing dream, awoke to found the Arbiter Mark 0 missing. A search of the Venture Capital led them to discover Kari modifying the armor’s technical layout as well as genetic template. Sycris was thrilled. Though it led to an awkward display of affection, Kari came away from the experience with a more positive outlook.

The next morning, Syrcis and Addison revealed the content of their shared visions to Angela. It was their hope that the more experienced Force-user could shed some light on what they were seeing. Angela’s help led to several revelations regarding the visions. Help from Kari led to an even more startling confirmation. It was during this tense discussion that Angela’s attempts to befriend the young slicer paid off further. Kari gave her a data disk containing information from Ye Thuza on some exiled members of the Order of Than. It was a long time ago, but twenty of them had fled to Dantooine.

Kari traveled with the group to the agricultural planet but she kept to herself during the negotiations with the Yetheni and the Jedi Master they found there. The group returned to Bastion, where Angela contacted Sampreg for help in entering a Thanite temple (which might still contain cortosis). He indicated that Captain Hale had been neglecting certain financial responsibilities and Sampreg would help her if she could resolve that problem.

During the discussion with Hale, he admitted that he had been lacing Kari’s drugs with a neurotoxin that would kill her if she did not continue to receive the anti-venom he was secretly feeding her. Thus killing Hale would result in Kari’s death as well. A battle ensued and though Hale did perish, Angela managed to resuscitate him. Kari was able to cross-reference Hale’s astrogational data (retrieved by Shk) using samples of the neurotoxin and found out what species had been used to poison her. With Prados’ medical expertise, an anti-venom was quickly formulated. Though Kari did feel she was providing a number of services to the companions, she was still touched to the lengths they had gone in order to ensure her well-being. She was just as happy that Sycris, once she was safe, executed Hale.

Now Kari possesses the proper medical pharmaceuticals for treating her condition (looted from Hale’s hold). Only time will tell if they, along with her budding friendship with Sycris and Angela, will allow her to finally break her addiction. That being said, Kari’s future is looking brighter.

Kari Vox

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