Isolde Liu'thar

Thane Isolde, proud member of the Order of Than, is now the only member of a once proud force tradition. Now she seeks to adjust to a new time and restore her Order's honor.


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5’6", 110 lbs; Pale skin, emerald green eyes with slit pupils, and long red, orange, and yellow feathers for hair.


Isolde hailed from Ye Thuza, a planet with a permanent, very wide tropical zone. Her race, while closely related to humans, obviously has some avian forebears as they grow feathers instead of hair. Isolde was discovered to be force-sensitive at a young age by the Order of Than and chosen to represent the Liu’thar clan among them. The clan was embroiled in a centuries old dispute with the neighboring Cliodna, though an armistice had prevailed for the past 50 or so years, and her presence, along with that of 5 other youths (3 from each clan), was part of the peacetime agreement reached with the Order’s help.

Isolde grew stronger in the force as time went by, constantly testing herself against her peers in the Order. She moved ever upward through the ranks as the years passed until, finally, she earned the right to represent her clan and the Order at the games. She won victory during the royale, earning her the rank and privileges of a Thane, below only the Elders in influence. She continued her work within the order, training younger adepts and helping her peers maintain their skill levels through sparring and competition.

Unfortunately, Isolde was diagnosed with a degenerative disease. Physicians within the order were able to repair the most obvious damage, but her physical capabilities continued to waste away. No longer a young woman either, it became obvious that she would soon be unable to assist the Order in any meaningful fashion.

Her last mission was to escort the Jedi who were taking delivery of the promised shipment of crystal. A routine job at first, the situation grew dire when the Sith captured the council of elders and held them hostage. Their price was to sabotage the agreement between the Order of Than and the Jedi Order. Reluctantly, Isolde hired a saboteur to scuttle the Jedi’s ship.

The Sith, having learned that Lady Malgrave had already been given the crystals of Embiss, attacked earlier than planned. Isolde joined in the defense of the ship. Somebody warned the small group of defenders, consisting of herself, Lady Malgrave, and a soldier in the Jedi’s retinue, that the fusion core was about to collapse, flooding the ship with radiation. The last thing she remembered, before everything went black, was the four of them taking refuge in cryosleep pods.

The next thing she knew, she was being released from a cryosleep pod by a Kel Dor. She sensed he was somewhat familiar, as were the two humans in the room, but she didn’t recognize them. She tried to remember what she had been doing in cryosleep, but her life was a blank before 30 seconds ago. She had no memory of who or where she was, or what she was doing there. Reaching out with the force, she sensed that the purple-haired woman was also a force user, probably of the jedi tradition.

She tried to speak, and found she had no voice. She managed to convey that to the jedi, who had some medical training apparently. Unsure who to trust, she decided to stay close to the other woman until her memories returned. She scrounged around the room until she found a marker and a board; a primitive means of communication, but one that would have to serve.

A decrepit droid that looked as though it had been knocking around for some time came out and began beeping and whistling at them. Isolde couldn’t understand what it said, but the Kel Dor did, and translated for the group. He said that the droid had kept them alive in cryosleep for 1736 years, but it could no longer do so. He also said that if they wanted to send out an emergency beacon so they could be rescued, they would need to restore power to the ship.

The human male, a large man in power armor with the nametag Malgrave, agreed to risk the radiation of the power core to restore power to the ship’s systems. As they made their way to the power core, she reached out with the force, trying to detect if anybody else was on the ship. She found no people, but she did detect three malevolent presences. Somehow she knew that it meant one of two things: either there were dark side artifacts on board the ruined vessel, or that Sith force ghosts were present on the ship.

They managed to restore power to the ship without incident and rejoined the droid, an astromech named L-10. He informed them that an emergency beacon had been launched from the bridge. It now seemed apparent that the presences were force ghosts, and whoever responded to the beacon was in for a nasty surprise. The group decided it was imperative that they move to the bridge. She was wary, however, of the ghosts; she was uncertain that they would be able to harm the ghosts, and quite certain that the ghosts would be able to harm them.

When they reached a blast door, she stretched forward with the force again. A force ghost was waiting for them on the other side. Forewarned being forearmed, they prepared for battle and entered the room. She and Malgrave quickly learned that their techniques could not harm the ghost, and they instead attack the suits of armor it was animating to attack them. The jedi, however, was able to dispatch the ghost with a sweep of her lightsaber. During the battle, Malgrave and the jedi regained their memories. The Jedi, Addison Malgrave, was on a mission for her order and her brother, Sycris Malgrave, had accompanied her in order to protect her.

They continued on to the bridge, where they met with the strongest darkside presence. The Sith ghost trapped Sycris with the Force, then turned and addressed her. He greeted her as his apprentice, and congratulated her on a job well done. As he spoke, her memories came flooding back; she was Isolde Liu’thar. She recalled her Order’s bargain with the jedi, the Elders’ abduction by the Sith, and the deadly game she had tried to play, trapped between the age old enemies. She now recognized the Kel Dor as Faras Qel; he was the saboteur she had hired. She remembered how the Sith had attacked early, and how Faras had warned them in time for them to reach the cryosleep tubes. Now, she realized that the deadly game had not ended—had barely just begun.

Isolde held out her hands to disarm Addison. Reluctant to relinquish her weapons to a supposed enemy, Addison eventually handed them over, one after the other, her eyes never leaving her brother as he suffered at the hands of the Sith. Lightsabers in hand, she strode over to stand beside the Sith force ghost. But as he turned to the group to strike them down, Isolde activated both blades and stabbed him through the back. He immediately dissipated, and Sycris was free With the Sith’s death, Isolde’s voice began to return.

Isolde immediately returned the lightsabers to Addison and explained to the group exactly why she had done what she did. They seemed reluctant to trust her, but having saved them from the Sith ghost was a stroke in her favor. After some deliberation, Isolde and Sycris reached out to find the third ghost. He was directly above them, on the roof of the ship. They quickly moved outside, bringing L-10 with them, and Addison made short work of the last ghost. As the third ghost died, Faras turned to Isolde and asked for his payment. Isolde had tried to keep the role he played secret, but now the rest of the group understood that he had sabotaged the ship. Sighing, Isolde handed Faras his cred chip.

Fortunately, Faras had by now received a message from a ship in orbit. He confirmed that they were alive and in need of rescuing. The ship, the Unwarranted Optimism, was captained by a droid named SHK-V3, who agreed to bring them to Tattooine. All other considerations were put aside in favor of getting back to civilization, a bath, and food. Enroute, they quizzed their rescuer about how the world had changed while they slept.

On Tattooine, Faras was able to put the group more at ease by using some of his ill-gotten gains to obtain passage for them to the planet Bastion, where the Emperor Roan Fel was holed up. It was hoped that there, the safest place from the Sith in the Galaxy, they would be able to find some of the remaining jedi and Addison would be able to rejoin their order. Then, hopefully, they would be able to join the war effort as well. Before they left, however, Isolde had a vision. In it, going to Bastion led to immediate battle and warfare, going to Coruscant led to their deaths, but going to her home world, Ye Thuza, would lead to revelations. After much persuading, the group decided to postpone their trip to Bastion by seven days, allowing tine for them to travel to her planet and seek this revelation.

Isolde became privy to a dark side technique, transfer essence, after earning the rank of Thane. The technique was a last resort, if the order’s situation was ever dire, that would allow her to continue in her mission to protect the order and its traditions. With the Order of Than scattered or demolished, Isolde felt herself driven to depend upon this technique to achieve all that she has sworn to do. The Order of Than was an advocate of neither light nor dark, feeling rather that both are sides of the same coin and should be equally respected within their tradition; however, the darkest techniques were kept secret to prevent abuse. Isolde called upon the darkness to help restore balance to the Force and the Galaxy. She knew further revelations awaited her on her home planet, but was uncertain that she will be able to follow her path in her current state. Regretting the necessity, Isolde prepared herself for what she had decided to do: rob another of her life so that she, Isolde, could continue in her work.

Isolde was practicing force techniques with Addison when the ship was yanked out of hyperspace by a magnetic mine field. The Imperial vessel charged them with having an out of date transponder, but it soon became apparent that the Imperials believed them to be in league with the Galactic Alliance, since this was a supposedly uninhabited sector of space and they had the bad luck to cross an Alliance rendezvous point. Isolde and Addison managed to hide their force presence from the Sith, but Sycris was not so lucky. The Sith took an especial interest in him, and came to torture him in the brig.

Though Sycris had managed to free himself almost immediately using the force, he never let on to the Sith. Isolde and Addison freed themselves as well, and then Isolde freed Faras and another prisoner in the brig. However, without the code cylinders, they could not get out of their cells. The Sith was about to remove Sycris from his cell when the captain of the vessel arrived. She forced the Sith to back down, and he stalked out of the brig. As she turned to go, however, and attend to a cargo pod being brought in, something exploded, rocking the ship. The coolant pipes that surrounded them burst. Rather than leave her prisoners to certain death, the captain ordered they be transferred and swept out of the room, shouting orders as she went.

The guards moved to comply, but discovered that the stun collars had been removed from the brig’s storage closet. Reluctant to transfer them, one of the guards was soon won over by Sycris’ impassioned plea. Surreptitiously, Isolde used mind trick on another of the guards. Once two of their fellows moved to open the cell doors, the others quickly followed suit.

All seemed to be going well—they had almost made it out of the brig— when one of the guards failed to dodge a puddle of coolant. Sycris, apparently acting on instinct, pulled the man to safety, but now the guards knew they were free. Isolde picked one of the guards up and threw him into another, feeling the dark side well up inside her as they crumpled to the floor. Gritting her teeth, she gripped another in the force, crushing his wind pipe. Sycris battled with one, while Faras and their jailbird friend grappled with another and threw him into a puddle of coolant and SHK, who had reached the brig at the same time the fight broke out, opened fire. The remaining guard moved to surrender, but this was the same guard who had repaid Sycris’ act of selflessness with blowing their escape, and he was not in a forgiving mood. While SHK, and Isolde moved to stand down, Sycris called out for them to finish him. Scared, the guard shot at Sycris again, and the stun damage dropped him into unconsciousness.

Faras and his new friend tossed the last guard into the coolant as Isolde rushed to Sycris’ side. Using the force, she transferred some of her own vitality to him, allow some of the damage he had suffered to heal. He remained unconscious, however, and their new friend threw him over his shoulder before leading the way to the hangar bays. He had a ship, he explained, that was fast enough to get away. Isolde used her ability in the force to accurately predict the droid guards’ moves and circumvent them, throwing them into each other.

In the hangar bays, they found Sycris’ armor and the rest of their equipment; thankfully, it had not been moved from the quarantine area. They gathered their things and Isolde loaded his armor onto a repulsor sled before they continued on to their escape vessel. It too was guarded, but Sycris had by now regained consciousness and donned his armor. Together, they made short work of the guards and clambered aboard. The vessel shot out of the bay and, though pursued by fighter ships, quickly and uneventfully made the jump to hyperspace.

Their co-rescuer, a Captain Hale, was on his way to Ye Thuza and offered to give them a lift, and a job working security as he made his deliveries on the planet. Once the job was done, Isolde went out to seek more information on her revelations, the planet and the state of the Galaxy, and how they might obtain new identification papers, as theirs were woefully out of date.

After learning as much as she could about how Ye Thuza had changed in the interim, Isolde went to a training facility and waited for an opportunity. When all but one of the trainees had gone home, she assaulted the last one in the showers. She was able to overcome her with the Force, but when she went to possess her body, something went…wrong. There was a brief, shared vision, and then nothing.

Isolde Liu'thar

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