Addison Malgrave

An inquisitive, devoted Jedi padawan, Addison is struggling to find her way in a galaxy that has fallen to darkness.


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Addison Malgrave was born to Andrea and Gregory Malgrave, both powerful Jedi living on Balmorra. Like her brother Sycris, Addison was gifted in the Force. She received training from an even earlier age than typical for Jedi at the time, alternating between the Jedi Temple on Coruscant and her home on Balmorra. When the Sith Empire returned from the depths of the Outer Rim, Addison was cut off from regular contact with her parents.

While her parents were frequently away on combat missions, Addison and her brother seized every opportunity they could to stay in contact. The two came to rely on each other, developing a Force bond that frequently enabled them to share dreams and visions. While such close affection between siblings were normally have been discouraged, the Order was losing Jedi in droves to the Sith threat, giving them cause to bend the rules in a number of cases over the years. It may have been that this oversight inadvertently caused the events that followed.

A dire threat to the Sith, Addison’s parents became the target of more and more assassination attempts. Finally, the Emperor himself baited a trap that lured the powerful couple into Sith space. It was the Dark Lord’s intent that they be captured and tortured. However, the pair proved to strong for that. They forced the enemy to slay them after annihilating nearly a dozen Sith Lords.

Addison and Sycris were both overcome by the loss. Sycris’ anger was so great that he was finally cut loose from the order. Addison was determined that her brother’s training in the Force, necessary to defend himself from the Sith, would not be stopped. Thus she continued to train him whenever she could. However, to deal with her own grief, she fell into a romantic relationship with her new master, Jedi Knight Corin Hadley.

With the exception of rare missions, Addison spent the next five years in Hadley’s company (both as his student and paramour). As the Sith continued to push Coreward after the Treaty of Coruscant fell apart, they found themselves on more and more combat missions. Both continued to push the envelope in regards to the Council’s rules on a variety of levels, certain that the Republic’s dire straits necessitated a less strict approach. It was while in this mindset that Addison became pregnant with Corin’s child.

Only a month before her fateful trip to Ye Thuza, Addison gave birth to a daughter. Aware of the Council’s probably reaction (given her forbidden relationship with her mentor), and pressured by Corin (who didn’t want to curtail their anti-Sith struggle), Addison put the child up for adoption. Perhaps it was the stress of this hidden event that led to the tragic conflict on Ye Thuza.

While on a mission to examine the unique crystals being offered by the Order of Than, Corin was overcome with the power coursing through them. He demanded that he and Addison should take them instead, wielding them against the Sith without the rules imposed by the Jedi Order. In a moment of clarity, Addison recognized her lover’s slide to the dark side. She even recognized the shadowed path that she had started to walk with them. Pulling herself from his influence, she pleaded with him to stop his plan. Their altercation was interrupted by a Sith assault.

The Sith attempted to steal the crystals before the Order could take them. During the battle, Corin attempted to leave Addison to her fate, claiming that she was as weak as the Order that had cost the Republic the war. Addison was able to draw on the Force power of two of the Thanite crystals. Infused with energy, her telekinetic assault drove back the Sith. However, she was forced to watch in horror as the explosive energy collapsed the tunnel on Corin.

During the aftermath of the battle, Addison reported that Corin had been killed by the Sith infiltrators. His body was recovered and buried at the newly established temple on Tython. Meanwhile, a massive group was assembled to take possession of the Thanite order’s crystals and seal the Jedi-Thanite alliance. However, Sith sabotage brought about the mission’s failure, ending in a small handful of people placing themselves in emergency cryostasis to avoid lethal radiation contamination. A cryostasis that would last far longer than anyone could have expected…

Addison Malgrave

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