• Addison Malgrave

    Addison Malgrave

    An inquisitive, devoted Jedi padawan, Addison is struggling to find her way in a galaxy that has fallen to darkness.
  • Angela DeWitt, aka Angelica Vimes

    Angela DeWitt, aka Angelica Vimes

    Once an athlete training for the yearly Games on Ye Thuza, Angela's goals were rewritten by an encounter with Isolde Liu'thar. Now she seeks to restore the Order of Than and forge an alliance with the Jedi in order to end the Sith threat to the Galaxy.
  • Faras Qel

    Faras Qel

    Smuggler, Scoundrel, Ne'er do well
  • Prados Moorestead

    Prados Moorestead

    A young man interested in Cybernetics and helping others, whilst trying to avoid his own Destiny.
  • SHK- V3

    SHK- V3

    An eccentric droid from parts unknown, it holds itself to a peculiar code of ethics as it strives to complete an inscrutable task.
  • Sycris Malgrave

    Sycris Malgrave

    Strong in the Force, the vengeance in his heart disappointed the Jedi. He expanded his martial prowess as a Balmorran Resistance fighter, and with the assistance of his sister he now grows stronger in the Force.
  • Arkhet the Hutt

    Arkhet the Hutt

    Leader of the Ye Thuza underworld, Arkhet defies typical Hutt conventions, neither slow or lazy.
  • Belloc Ki

    Belloc Ki

    A massive warrior accompanying Captain Lynn Rellos, Belloc is paid to keep her safe at any cost.
  • Captain Lynn Rellos

    Captain Lynn Rellos

    Captain of the Ironstar, Lynn represents the highest ideals of the Empire...if it weren't run by the Sith
  • Halas


    A descendant of Yetheni exiles who fled to Dantooine, Halas is a leader and warrior who is praying that the Force delivers someone worth following.
  • Isolde Liu'thar

    Isolde Liu'thar

    Thane Isolde, proud member of the Order of Than, is now the only member of a once proud force tradition. Now she seeks to adjust to a new time and restore her Order's honor.
  • Jordan Duvalle

    Jordan Duvalle

    The comm specialist of the Bounty Hunter's guildhouse on Bastion, Jordan is the woman that all up-and-coming hunters deal with in order to secure work on the planet.
  • Kari Vox

    Kari Vox

    A shadow-world tech abusing drugs to control a terminal illness, Kari is a vagabond chasing the faint hope that she could be something more.
  • L-10


    An ancient astromech droid with a penchant for continued operations, L-10 tirelessly watches over the companions for reasons known only to it.
  • Magistrate Joseph Bailey

    Magistrate Joseph Bailey

    A stern authoritarian, Bailey is in charge of special operations for the civil-defense arm of Bastion's security forces.
  • Read This

    Read This

    Read This
  • Sampreg


    A lieutenant in the underworld operations led by Arkhet the Hutt, Sampreg deals as a broker for related goods and information.