Star Wars Legacy

November 18, 2012

2nd Game

The companions began their adventure aboard Shk’s vessel traveling towards the planet Ye Thuza. However, they were forcibly pulled from hyperspace by a field of gravity mines; this placed them directly into the remnants of a struggle between the Galactic Alliance and the Sith force that had ambushed them. Realizing that its own transport had no hope against the Ironstar and her Predator fighters, Shk and the team surrendered to the Sith. Shk and L-10 were shut down and taken to be examined while Isolde, Faras, and Sycris were held in the brig.

A Sith apprentice named Veleth discovered that Sycris possessed Force training, and began the process of torturing him in his cell. However, his vile machinations were brought to a halt by the vessel’s captain, Lynn Rellos. During that encounter, the players also encounter the Captain’s bodyguard, Belloc. That meeting was brought to an abrupt end when one of Rellos’ pilots, charged with recovering G.A. escape pods, brought a cargo pod back as salvage. A hidden proton torpedo within the pod detonated, crashing many ship systems temporarily. During that confusion, the companions, with the assistance of Shk (reactivated by L-10), managed to escape. To do so, they gained the aid of another prisoner, the smuggler Antonius Hale.

Hale brought the group to Ye Thuza on his ship, the Dancing Harlot. Once there they secured temporary accommodations while Isolde went to dig up some information. However, during that excursion, she perished while attempting to transfer her spirit into that of a young Yetheni, though the reasons for her attempt remain unclear. However, part of her memories were transferred to the young Yetheni girl, Angela Dewitt. Acting on those memories, and possessing at least a fragment of Isolde’s Force power, Angela found the companions and directed them to an old fortress constructed by the Order of Than.

It was during an argument over their next course of action that the group hear an assault occuring nearby. Sycris rushed to intervene, saving the slicer Kari Vox from the sexual intentions of a thug named Daern. The slicer promised to give Sycris and Angela forged papers that would allow them to explore the old fortress (Faras and Shk refused the strange journey) in exchange for being smuggled off the planet. They agreed.

The pair found the fortress and a Gen’dai who had known Isolde when she was Thane of the ancient order. Mistaking Angela for Isolde due to the spiritual remnant left by his once-friend, the gen’dai asked her to restore the Order of Than and ally with the Jedi if she wanted to defeat the Sith. Angela agreed. Then, per his request, she slew the gen’dai warrior in order to prevent the psychosis that comes with the race’s prolonged lifespan from turning him into a monster. She collected the tomes they could carry and returned with Sycris to Errolis.

Once there, one of Faras’ contacts, a lieutenant in the local criminal cartel named Sampreg, provided the group with identifications that would get them offworld. He also agreed to front the party an advanced space transport, dubbed Venture Capital, in exchange for the party working off the price of the vessel by helping him expand his operations. With this transport, the group was able to leave Ye Thuza. They traveled to Tattooine, where they reunited with Kari (who had been smuggled there by Captain Hale). Sycris offered her a position aboard the ship, which she accepted.

Afterwards, the group met with the individuals promising them a trip to Bastion and were finally able to make it to the fortress world. It is shortly after that arrival that their next adventure began…



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