Star Wars Legacy


The first game saw the characters awaken in an amnesic state aboard a downed starship. Exploration eventually revealed the dire circumstances that had delivered them into their precarious position. In a bid to ally with the Jedi Order, the Order of Than (a militant sect of Force-users) arranged to deliver a number of powerful lightsaber crystals mined from deposits on their homeworld. However, Sith infiltrators discovered the plan and kidnapped several of Than’s highest ranking elders. Using these prisoners as leverage, they forced the group to betray the Jedi.

Isolde Liu’thar, an emissary of the order, contracted a saboteur in order to destroy the massive Jedi research and training vessel Kalnar while it was en route to Ye Thuza. The agent disabled the containment field of the ship’s primary fusion core, planning to escape before the entire vessel was doused in deadly radiation. However, the Sith, learning that two of the powerful lightsaber crystals had already been gifted to one of the Jedi onboard, commenced an early assault. His back to a wall, the agent warned several of the crew of the impending danger. The small group managed to place themselves into emergency cryostasis in order to avoid lethal radiation exposure.

The sentients’ adventures would have come to an end there if not for an extraordinary droid designated L-10. The stoic construct managed to keep itself operational for seventeen-hundred years by repairing and retrofitting various droid bodies and transferring its programming into them as needed. However, with primary power down, it was never able to utilize the turbolifts to manage ship repairs, and thus it allowed its wards to slumber until it finally proved unable to sustain itself. Unsure of their ability to survive in the decaying vessel, L-10 had no choice but to reawaken the passengers and hope for the best.

The characters were able to restore power to the main systems before several dark side spirits triggered an emergency beacon. Isolde, using one of the sabers of Embiss (the crystals the Sith hoped to gain through their early assault), managed to overcome their leader before the spirits could escape aboard the arriving vessel (via possessing the bodies of her companions). The droid captain of the salvage vessel agreed to carry the newly awakened individuals to the Outer Rim planet of Tattooine.

Acclimating themselves to a galaxy far different than the one they remembered, the saboteur was able to make contact with Bastion resistance members. Using the blood money he was paid for the sabotage of the Kalnar, he was able to secure passage to the fortress world. However, Isolde’s visions forestalled the trip; upon her suggestion, they detoured towards the planet Ye Thuza. Promising revelations, it remains to be seen what the party will actually find upon their arrival…



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